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Question: Where can I learn more about ASP.NET?

Answer: At the time of this FAQ writing (June 10, 2001), ASP.NET is still in its Beta stage. Despite this fact, there are already a plethora of ASP.NET resources across the Web. Some of these great sites include:

The ASP.NET Article Index</a> (on 4Guys)

There are also a number of sites and listservs to discuss ASP.NET, ask ASP.NET-related questions, etc.

ASP.NET Forum on
ASP.NET forum on
ASP.NET ListServs at

Finally, for information on ASP.NET training, be sure to check out: (classes on the West coast)

If you have any additional ASP.NET links that you think should be added to this FAQ or to the The ASP.NET Article Index, please let me know!

Happy Programming!

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