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Question: How can I programmatically list the contents of a directory on the Web server?

Answer: With the FileSystemObject you can (fairly easily) programmatically obtain all of the files of a given directory on the Web server. To accomplish this task we'll need to complete the following steps:

1.) Create an instance of the FileSystemObject object
2.) Use the FileSystemObject to return a Folder object (which contains information about a particular directory).
3.) Use a For Each ... Next loop to iterate through each file in the Folder object.

So, let's examine some code that will handle this...

  'Create the FileSystemObject object
  Dim objFSO
  Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

  'Obtain an folder object instance for a particular directory
  Dim objFolder
  Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder("C:\FooBar\Blah\")

  'Use a For Each ... Next loop to display the files
  Dim objFile
  For Each objFile in objFolder.Files
     'Print out the name
     Response.Write objFile.Path & "<BR>"

That's it! The Folder object contains a slew of information about a particular folder (in this case, we obtained information about the C:\FooBar\Blah\ directory. If you want to get a listing of subfolders of a folder, you can use the same technique to iterate through the SubFolders collection of the Folder object.

There is a great article on 4Guys that explores a very practical application that relies on the ability to recursively iterate through the contents of a particular directory. It's definitely worth a read if you need to learn more about this technique!
Generating a Web Site File System Report.

For more information, be sure to also check out these resources:
-- FileSystemObject Object Technical Docs.
-- Folder Object Technical Docs.
-- FileSystemObject FAQs on

Happy Programming!

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