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ASP.NET User Group Presentations

By Scott Mitchell

Looking for a Speaker at your User Group?
Would you like me to speak about ASP.NET to your user group? If so, drop me a line (!

Over the past five months or so I've had the opportunity to present talks to two ASP User Groups. In October 2000 I presented a talk to the San Diego ASP User Group on ASP.NET. This talk is ideal for those new to ASP.NET: it looks at the purpose of .NET, differences between ASP.NET and classic ASP, and looks at many common scenarios of ASP.NET:

Just recently (on May 2nd, 2001), I had the opportunity to speak the Seattle ASP Users Group. In this talk I delved into the powerful caching features of ASP.NET! As I show in my presentation, ASP.NET makes caching a breeze! (Caching is the process of moving commonly used information to an efficiently-accessible location; it can be used to greatly increase the speed of your Web pages!)

(For an article on caching with classic ASP, be sure to check out: Caching Information with Application-Level Variables or the Caching Article Index.)

Hope you enjoy these presentations. Happy Programming!

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