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4Guys Turns One Year Old: A Look Back... is absolutly THE place on the WEB for ASP related issues, both code wise and mental wise
-- Peter A.

Wow, it's been a year. Back in early September of 1998, four students at the University of Missouri - Rolla (see where Rolla is on the the map) decided to put together a web page as a hobby. The site,, was created, showcasing four sections covering various things that interested us: ASP, Linux, Programming, and Humor.

I just wanted to thank you guys for this wonderfull website. It helps me debug my ASP problems and learn new things to keep my knowledge up to date. You are doing a great job. Your hard work defenitly pays off.
-- Anita

Today, 4Guys focuses primarily ASP (although we do keep the humor section running, because we all need to have a laugh when we're working...). In late September and October, we were averaging about 100 page views a day. Today, a slow day has over 10,000 page views, with an average day around 15,000.

Greetings, 4guys! I think you'll be interested to hear that your site is linked to from inside Microsoft as an excellent source of ASP info. ... Keep up the good work. Your site is very worthwhile for anyone who works with the web.
-- Scott B.

As the months passed by, the content on 4Guys increased. We started up an ASP message board site, which, today, is the busiest ASP message board on the Net, currently receiving over 100 posts a day! We added a daily newsletter, although time considerations soon made it a weekly newsletter. This weekly newsletter, WebWeekly, currently has over 4,700 subscribers.

I can not even describe in words how I appreciate your site. It is a Hercules attempt in maintaining this site. Your doing a great job at it. I turn to you every single day to look for an answer and you have never disappionted me.
-- Nagarajan P.

4Guys was once a party of four, obviously, but now there are just two of us. Myself, Scott Mitchell, who works on the ASP section, and James Atkinson, who maintains the humor side and graphics of 4Guys, keeping smiles on the faces of fellow ASP developers.A lot of people ask how I find the time to write so many ASP articles. Well, a good number of them come from contributions (let me know if you'd like to write an article), so I'd like to say thanks to all of them. The rest do come from me. I simply have fun doing this, so the articles flow like water.

Just a note to say that I find your site invaluable. Your newsletter and site has made me stretch the application of asp & web generally in our company. I find that your insite into associated apps (SQL, IIS) really helpful
-- Stephanie

My favorite part about 4Guys are the people who visit, though. It seems like most people either really like 4Guys a lot, or it's not their cup of tea. I had one developer say to me that, in his company, there was a "cult-like following of 4Guys-aholics". While this scares me a little bit :), it doesn't surprise me. We usually get 15 to 25 feedbacks a day. Some of them are painfully negative, but the vast majority of them are incredible praise. 4Guys is not for everyone. 4Guys is for those who are fun. For those who like programming. For those who think ASP is super-neat. Those people who have those attitudes love 4Guys with a sick passion.

I MUST SAY IM IMPRESSED! Clear explenations, simple and complete... five stars. ps. I've been to many other asp sites.
-- Luciano

So what does the future hold for 4Guys? We're planning on upgrading to a dedicated server (we've got the box, in the process of moving over our content), that can be expected soon. We've got some neat ideas for the messageboard, too. We've also got a few surprises up our sleeves, some neat, new features in the pipeline... Guess you'll just have to stick around and see!

Where would I be without you guys? Keep it up, the best resource site I could ever dream of...
-- Greg S.

Thank you, all, for visiting 4Guys! I hope you've found the last year fun and informative, and I hope you continue to keep coming back. For those of you "old-school" 4Guys visitors, the ones who remember the black background. If you're ever passing by Rolla, give me a call, I owe you a beer! Have a great day, and happy programming!

Your site is wonderful and excellent job you done, Thanks guys, your work is really appreciated.
-- Adam A.

-- Anita So, what does the future hold for 4Guys?

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