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Learn More about Sending Email with ASP!

Learn about ADSI and CDO with ASP! There are oftentimes when an Intranet or Internet application needs to be able to send an email. This might be an email to the visitor, confirming an order purchased or notifying the visitor of an updated article, or it may be an email intended for the Webmaster when something goes awry (perhaps when a 404 occurs).

Regardless of when or why an email may need to be sent, knowing how to send an email using ASP is essential. The following links provide access to this information!

General Email Information

  • Email Frequently Asked Questions (from
  • Email Section on
  • CDO Section on

    Sending Email Using CDONTS (Collaborative Data Objects for NT Workstation)

  • Sending Emails in ASP Using CDONTS
  • Sending HTML-formatted Emails Using CDONTS
  • Another CDONTS Article (from
  • Sending Email Messages with ASP (from
  • Enable Email in your Web Application
  • The Difference Between CDO and CDONTS

    Sending Email Without Using CDONTS

  • Sending Emails Without Using CDONTS
  • Sending Emails with ASPEmail
  • Sending Emails with SA-SMTP Mail
  • Sending Emails with JMail

    SMTP Information

  • Getting Started: The SMTP Service
  • Setting Up the SMTP Service in Windows 2000

    Clever Ways to Integrate Email Services into Web Applications

  • Mailing Form Results
  • Emailing Users their Forgotten Passwords
  • Marketing Through Personalized Emailing
  • Tracking 404 Errors

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