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Learn More about Graphing!

Since ASP can easily access database data and present it on the Web, it comes as no surprise that many Web developers would like to be able to turn this raw data into easy-to-read and nice looking graphs. Unfortunately ASP does not include any sort of intrinsic graphing capabilities. However, you can create HTML-only graphing solutions using ASP or you can go the route of professional third-party components. Whatever you decide to do, hopefully you'll find the following articles helpful in your quest for graphing with ASP!

Creating HTML-Only Graphs

  • Vertical Graphing of Database Data
  • Creating Dynamic Charts and No-Fuss Graphs
  • Making Bar Charts Using ASP
  • An HTML Bar Chart Class
  • Creating a Dynamic Bar Chart from a Database Query

    Creating Graphs with Graphing Components

  • A List of Graphing Components
  • Using the MSChart Component

    Creating Graphs with Office Web Components

  • Charting with Office Web Components (OWC)
  • Making Charts in ASP (using the Office Web Components (OWCs))
  • Using Office Web Components
  • Buy Programming Office 2000 Web Components

    Creating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

  • Generating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) on the Fly
  • w3c Overview of SVG Graphics
  • Scalable Vector Graphics: The What and the How
  • A Quick Introduction to SVG

    Misc. Graphing Links

  • A Good List of Graphing Examples/Components/Articles

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