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Learn More about JScript!

ASP pages can be created with any scripting language that can be interpreted by a valid ActiveX Scripting Engine. VBScript, of course, is one such scripting language, and is the most commonly used scripting language for ASP page generation. However, VBScript is not the only langauge that can be used.

JScript, Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript, can also be used as a server-side scripting language for creating ASP pages. The following articles contain information on using JScript in creating ASP pages!

JScript Technical References

  • Microsoft's JScript Documentation
  • Microsoft's Scripting Site

    JScript in Action

  • Sorting One-Dimensional Arrays using JScript
  • A JScript Port of the Perl/PHP FastTemplate Module
  • JScript Email Validation
  • Common VBScript Functions Coded in JScript

    Advanced JScript Resources

  • Constructing Server-Side JScript Objects

    Discussion JScript on the Web

  • JScript Forum on

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