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Mid(string, start, length): Returns a specified number of characters from a

        function Mid(str, start, len)
                IN: str - the string we are LEFTing
                    start - our string's starting position (0 based!!)
                    len - how many characters from start we want to get

                RETVAL: The substring from start to start+len
                // Make sure start and len are within proper bounds
                if (start < 0 || len < 0) return "";

                var iEnd, iLen = String(str).length;
                if (start + len > iLen)
                        iEnd = iLen;
                        iEnd = start + len;

                return String(str).substring(start,iEnd);

// Keep in mind that strings in JavaScript are zero-based, so if you ask
// for Mid("Hello",1,1), you will get "e", not "H".  To get "H", you would
// simply type in Mid("Hello",0,1)

// You can alter the above function so that the string is one-based.  Just
// check to make sure start is not <= 0, alter the iEnd = start + len to
// iEnd = (start - 1) + len, and in your final return statement, just
// return ...substring(start-1,iEnd)

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