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Database Connectivity

A couple of good articles have already been written which describe how to connect to a database. These articles are available at the bottom of this article. Before you read on, let me give a quick overview.

Connecting to a Database:

  • Using a System DSN
    1.) Create a system DSN using the ODBC Wizard in the Control Panel
    2.) Connect to the database using a simple connection string: "DSN=System DSN Name"
  • Using a DSN-less connection (You can use other databases than Access, but the majority of articles and examples only use Access databases when showing how to establish a DSN-less connection)
    1.) Place the Access database file (the *.mdb file) in a web-shared directory
    2.) The connection string is a bit more complex. You need to specify two things: the driver and the physical location of the file (i.e.: C:\WebShare\wwwroot\mydatabase.mdb)

    (If the above makes absolutely no sense to you, don't worry, just read through these articles!)

    Database Connectivity Articles:

  • Connecting to a Database
  • Connecting to an Access Database using ASP
  • A Quick Overview on Connecting to a Database

    Happy Programming!

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