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Printing 4Guys Articles...

So, you've found a great article and want to print it out. You may have some difficulty (due to tables, alignment of the site, etc.) if you just press the print button on your browser.

After learning of this problem from many alert visitors, I wrote a printpage script. In the upper-right hand corner on each article there is a printer icon. Click on that and you'll be whisked away to a page which shows the article nicely lined up on a white background with black text. Just the article, no banners, no navigation tables, just the article.

Print this Page Script
Interested in seeing the ASP script to turn a page into a "printer-friendly" version? If so, be sure to read: How the "Print this Page" Script Works!

Happy Programming! And keep those suggestions coming! Feel free to email me (Scott Mitchell) about anything concerning the site design/layout!

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