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itmweb 5 Star Award itmWeb 5 Star Award
Wow, we won an itm 5 Star Award. That's pretty cool considering there are only about 50 ITM sites that have won 5 star awards (putting us as award winners with sites like Slashdot.org and Freshmeat). Cool. Thanks goes to all the regular 4Guys visitors and authors. You help make 4Guys great!

Web Men Talking Award Web Men Talking Award!
The Web Men Talking Award is an award given out to great sites that highlight Microsoft technology. This award is given to sites recommended by the readers of Web Men Talking, part of the MSDN Voices network! Thanks for the recommendations! :)

Techsightings Award Yet another TechSightings Award! (1999)
Active Server Page technology never looked so appealing. The 4 Guys From Rolla website weaves humor, tech, and pure information into a resourceful tapestry. Now that they're a year old, isn't it time to pay a visit?

Wow, this is our second TechSightings award in under a year!

ASP Website of the Year! (1998)
Wow. We were named the best ASP website of 1998! That's a nifty honor, especially since it came from the grand-daddy of all ASP websites, ActiveServerPages.com. You can read the full award, and see other award winners for other categories, at this URL!

One of our humor pages (this IRS joke) was featured by CRAPCO April 17, 1999.

The humor section was rated a five star humor site by HumorSearch

Techsightings Award Techsightings Award
This is essentially a geek site. Scripts. Notes on Windowmaker. ASP. Visual Basic. Javascript. That sort of thing. Pages and pages of commentary and information, all written much better than the usual college student stuff I see.

The layout is pretty hot, too. These dudes don't just talk about ASP, but use it well.

There's also a humor section. It isn't as sophisticated as the tech info, but has some worthwhile pieces in it. Check this one for a quick laugh.

Scott, James, Scott, and Justin -- they're the four guys -- have done a beyond-decent job here, and obviously have a fine time maintaining their site. The subtitle says, "All this and it counts as work," which gives you an idea of the lighthearted attitude they bring to this little project. Too bad they'll have to graduate eventually and become netslaves like the rest of us.
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Surfer's Choice Best of the Web
We've been listed in the Surfer's Choice Best of the Web directory.

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