Filter Code Example

This simple demo illustrates how to use the Filter function grab array elements that correspond (or don't correspond) to a specified filter parameter...

The name list contains:
Scott, Steve, Yves, Charles, Ian, Mike, Christopher, Roger, Josh, Kevin, David, Isaac, John

The names that contain the letter 's':
Scott, Steve, Yves, Charles, Christopher, Josh, Isaac

The names that do not contain the letter 'c':
Steve, Yves, Ian, Mike, Roger, Josh, Kevin, David, John

The Source Code
'Create an array of names
Dim aNames
aNames = Array("Scott", "Steve", "Yves", "Charles", _
               "Ian", "Mike", "Christopher", "Roger", _
               "Josh", "Kevin", "David", "Isaac", "John")

'List the complete list of names:
Response.Write "<b>The name list contains:</b><br>"
Response.Write join(aNames, ", ")

'Now, filter on a certain character
Response.Write "<p><b>The names that contain the " & _
               "letter 's':</b><br>"

Dim aNamesWithS
aNamesWithS = Filter(aNames, "s", True, vbTextCompare)

Response.Write join(aNamesWithS, ", ")

'Now, filter and display on another character
Response.Write "<p><b>The names that <i>do not</i> " & _
               "contain the letter 'c':</b><br>"
Response.Write join(Filter(aNames, "c", False, vbTextCompare), ", ")

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