Sorted Dictionary Demo

This demo illustrates how to sort a dictionary object based on its keys. A dynamically-sized array is used to track the sorted indexes of the dictionary object. For more information on sorting arrays, be sure to read Sorting a One-Dimensional Array Using Bubble Sort and Sorting Arrays with QuickSort.

Unsorted Output:
Apple - Value1
Orange - Value2
Banana - Value3
Grapefruit - Value4
Avacado - Value5

Sorted Output:
Apple - Value1
Avacado - Value5
Banana - Value3
Grapefruit - Value4
Orange - Value2

Source Code
Sub BuildArray(objDict, aTempArray) 
  Dim nCount, strKey
  nCount = 0
  '-- Redim the array to the number of keys we need 
  Redim aTempArray(objDict.Count - 1)

  '-- Load the array 
  For Each strKey In objDict.Keys

    '-- Set the array element to the key 
    aTempArray(nCount) = strKey 

    '-- Increment the count 
    nCount = nCount + 1

End Sub

Sub SortArray(aTempArray) 
  Dim iTemp, jTemp, strTemp

  For iTemp = 0 To UBound(aTempArray)  
    For jTemp = 0 To iTemp  

      If strComp(aTempArray(jTemp),aTempArray(iTemp)) > 0 Then
        'Swap the array positions
        strTemp = aTempArray(jTemp) 
        aTempArray(jTemp) = aTempArray(iTemp) 
        aTempArray(iTemp) = strTemp 
      End If 

End Sub

Sub PrintDictionary(objDict, aTempArray) 
  Dim iTemp 
  For iTemp = 0 To UBound(aTempArray) 
    Response.Write(aTempArray(iTemp) & " - " & _
                   objDict.Item(aTempArray(iTemp)) & "<br>") 
End Sub

Sub PrintSortedDictionary(objDict)
  Dim aTemp
  Call BuildArray(objDict, aTemp) 	' Build the array
  Call SortArray(aTemp) 	' Sort the array 
  Call PrintDictionary(objDict, aTemp) ' Print the dictionary using the array as an index 
End Sub

Dim dObj, aTemp 	' Create our dictionary variable name and the temporary array

Set dObj = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") 

'-- Get some values
dObj.Add "Apple", "Value1" 
dObj.Add "Orange", "Value2" 
dObj.Add "Banana", "Value3"
dObj.Add "Grapefruit", "Value4" 
dObj.Add "Avacado", "Value5"

Call PrintSortedDictionary(dObj)

Set dObj = Nothing	' Dereference the object

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