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What Makes .NET Different?

By Scott Mitchell

On March 25th I gave a talk to the ASP.NET Developer Conference and Expo. My talk, titled: "What Makes .NET Different," examined the core features of .NET along with a discussion on why ASP.NET is needed, benefits of ASP.NET over classic ASP, and the similarities and differences between classic ASP and ASP.NET.

You can download the PowerPoint file or view the slides in an HTML presentation. After reviewing my presentation, you may wish to check out John Peterson's talk on Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET (John is the Web master of and was the speaker after me at the ASP.NET Developer Conference & Expo). Be sure to check out the list of all of the presentations and PowerPoint slides from the conference.

If you have questions regarding the presentation be sure to ask them on the ASP.NET Forum on

Happy Programming!

  • By Scott Mitchell

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