Cool Crap!! 06-17-99
Have you ever found yourself saying, "Man, I wish I had a coffee mug with the logo on it!" Well, for the countless thousands who have uttered those exact words, your wait is over. You can now purchase an assortment of neat things with the 4Guys logo plastered all over it! Impress your friends and loved ones!
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WebWeekly! 06-01-99
When started, a daily newsletter was sent out, called WebDaily. For many months, WebDaily was received by about 200 loyal readers. Since then, it's been growing fast! Today there are over 2,400 developers who receive what has now become WebWeekly. My goal is to get that number up to 5,000 before the new millenium. So, if you're not receiving WebWeekly, be sure to sign up today!

Summer's Here! 05-16-99
Summer is here. Hopefully this won't affect our ability to keep the site regularly updated, though. As always, you can direct comments, questions, and submissions to or use our feedback page

New Sections at 4Guys 04-15-99
Over the past couple weeks we've added a slew of new ASP resources to the site. Here is a brief list of the new types of ways you can obtain ASP information!

Summer Job 04-07-99
Attention all businesses in the North Georgia area. I (Ryan S.) am looking for a job this summer in ASP development or software development using Visual Basic. I have almost 3 years experience with ASP, and 5 years experience with Visual Basic. Skills include intranet design, database connectivity, component design, and GUI frontends for databasing applications. Flexible hours are requested, but not necessary. Also, any businesses outside the Georgia area who would like to hire me, I am available to telecommute. Please send email to me with information, and I will promptly reply. Thank you.
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Site MakeOver! 04-07-99
Unless this is your first visit to the site, you'll notice that we've done a major overhaul! We hope you like the new design, and would like to hear your opinions/comments on the layout. Please send any comments to:

ASP Tutoring 04-04-99
If you live in Missouri and would like an ASP tutor to assist you or your group in learning the ASP basics, your search has come to an end. I (Scott Mitchell), ASP tutor, can travel to your place of business to instruct you or your employees on Active Server Pages! Rates are negotiable, and references are available upon request!
[Email Scott Mitchell]

Spring Break... 03-23-99
It's Spring Break here at UMR. There will be maybe only one or two new articles added to the site over the course of the week. I'm teaching an ASP-class over break, and have put together a good "Beginner's ASP" packet with many useful articles and code snippets. I will hopefully have time this week to convert all of that into HTML files. Lastly, I will be in Redmond, WA. from the 31st to the 3rd of April, interviewing for a Microsoft internship. If you know someone in Microsoft and want to pass along a good word for me (or, for some reason, live near Redmond and would like to meet me), go ahead and email me!

We're Giving Away the Kitchen Sink 03-10-99
Here at 4Guys, we enjoy giving away things for free. Currently, we're giving away a free copy of Chili!ASP, a cross-platform ASP developing tool which retails for $1,995US. See what we have planned to give away in the future, plus information on how you can have us give away your stuff!
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4Guys Recognized by TechSightings! 03-04-99
Hey! We got an award! Thanks, all, for visiting and making it such a great site! You can check out Read More]

4Guys News 03-04-99
4Guys News is random news tidbits about the site. Find out what's going on behind the scenes and all the juicy gossip that is 4GuysFromRolla. Ummmm... that's all I've got to say for now.