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Published: Tuesday, July 04, 2000

Creating Connection Strings in Windows 2000

By Björn Nilsson

In a former article, A Nifty Way to Create Connection Strings, Volker S. pointed out a simple and fool-proof way of creating connection strings with a wizard built into Win98 and WinNT. The way that is described in the original article doesn't work in Win2000 though. Here's a revised description of how to do it, with some screen-shots and an example of how to create a DSN-less connection to an Access DB:

1.) Open up a (File)Explorer window in which you right-click and choose "New" -> "Text Document"

- continued -


2.) Change the name of the newly created text document to some filename with the file ending ".udl". This will make it a "Universal Data Link" document.

3.) Now double-click the file, and a wizard will appear. This is where you tell which database etc. that you want to connect to.
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Steps 4 through 6 are available in Part 2!

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