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Published: Wednesday, November 08, 2000

Randomly Reordering an Array, Part 3

  • Read Part 1
  • Read Part 2

  • In Part 2 we looked at how to order a single-dimension array using an array of indexes. In Part 1 we examined a very quick and dirty way to reorder an array. In this final part, we'll look at a more real-world application of reordering arrays - the ability to display Recordsets in random order!

    - continued -

    Displaying a Recordset in Random Order
    You may be questioning the usefulness of randomly ordering an array, and for good reason. At first glance, there appears to be just a few cases where randomly ordering an array may seem useful. Upon closer inspection, however, one realizes that he or she can use random array reordering to very efficiently display the contents of a Recordset in random order!

    To do this, we must first get the contents of a Recordset into an array. Thankfully, ADO provides this functionality with the GetRows method. GetRows returns a two dimensional array... the first dimension contains the various columns while the second dimension contains the various rows. (To learn more about GetRows check out: Using GetRows to Speed Up Displaying Skinny Tables!) Due to the fact that we need to reorder a two-dimensional array, we will need to tweak the above redordering function (ReOrderArrayIndexed). The tweaked function is available below:

    Function ReOrderArray2D(ByVal aArray)
      'Get the upper and lower bounds from the second
      'dimension (the row count)... also, create a temporary
      'array, aTmpArray, to hold the reordered values
      Dim iCount, aTmpArray
      iCount = UBound(aArray, 2)
      ReDim aTmpArray(UBound(aArray, 1), UBound(aArray, 2))
      Dim iLoop, strIndex, iUpper, iLower
      iLower = LBound(aArray, 2)
      For iLoop = iLower to iCount
        strIndex = strIndex & CStr(iLoop)
        If iLoop < iCount then strIndex = strIndex & ","
      'Choose a Random Index
      Randomize Timer
      Dim iRnd, aTmp, iTmpUpper, strNewIndex, iInnerLoop
      Redim aTmp(iCount)
      'Loop through the array
      For iLoop = iLower to iCount
        iTmpUpper = iCount - iLoop
        'Rebuild aTmp, the array of indexes
        ReDim Preserve aTmp(iTmpUpper)
        aTmp = split(strIndex, ",")
        'Add an element to the temp array...
        iRnd = Int(Rnd * (iTmpUpper + 1))
        For iInnerLoop = LBound(aArray,1) to UBound(aArray,1)
          aTmpArray(iInnerLoop, iLoop) = aArray(iInnerLoop, aTmp(iRnd))
        'Compact aTmp, the array of indexes
        aTmp(iRnd) = aTmp(iTmpUpper)
        ReDim Preserve aTmp(iTmpUpper - 1)
        strIndex = join(aTmp, ",")
      ReOrderArray2D = aTmpArray
    End Function

    Before we call ReOrderArray2D, we need to use the GetRows method to convert a Recordset into an array. This is quite simple, and can be seen with the following code:

    'Open up connection to database...
    Dim objConn
    Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    objConn.Open "DSN=Portfolio"
    'Create a recordset object and grab a query
    Dim objRS
    Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
    objRS.Open "SELECT * FROM Portfolio", objConn
    'Create an Array variable and use GetRows
    Dim aRows
    aRows = objRS.GetRows()
    'Clean up...
    Set objRS = Nothing
    Set objConn = Nothing
    [View a live demo!]

    Anytime after this code, we can randomly reorder the array aRows using the function we examined above (ReOrderArray2D). (View a live demo!) Personally, I find the above code to be a very neat way to quickly and efficiently to display an array in random order. There are other ways to randomly jumble up an array... be sure to check out Returning Rows in Random Order for information on alternative techniques!

    In this article we examined a few techniques for randomly ordering the contents of an array. We also looked at how to use this "technique" for a very real-world, everyday situation - displaying the contents of a Recordset in random order.

    Happy Programming!

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