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Published: Thursday, November 19, 1998

WebDaily: Your daily source for Web Technology Tips and Tricks!

Access '97 Authentication using ASP
by Gary Van Sluis

* This article discusses how to authenticate users through ASP when using Access as your backend.

If you have been working with Asp and Access 97 you have probably come across the question of using Access's authentication either alone or in combination with NT. And if you havenít come across that specific question, you just did. Well Access has a separate authentication method from windows. What I mean by separate is that with Windows NT you have two choices to use when interfacing with the web, Basic and NT Challenge and Response. SQL Server can take advantage of NT security but Access can not. Also you might have a tad bit of work when planning on Netscape users using basic and Explorer users using NTCR. (Netscape can not use NTCR) Humm.... So what does all this mean if you are using Access and ASP? Well it means that you can use the built in security that comes with Access, you can have your web pages authenticate usernames and passwords against the database, and it will be browser independent! So everyone can use it. So what will you need?

    1.) One you will need the Northwind Database. (That is if you want to just cut and paste the code to test it out)
    2.) You need to have your databases set to use Access Security. (If you don't know how to do this, it is in a lot of books and the manual)
    3.) You need to check your advanced settings of your DSN. There are options for a default username and password. Some people secure a database and create one account for a web user and put it here. Well, we are going to leave those two settings blank and use the web for user authentication.
    4.) Have the DSN named "Northwind" as System DSN and you will see a System Database Setting. (This points to the .mdw file) The database setting above it points to that database itself (. mdb).
    5.) Cut and paste the code into your directories and have fun.

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