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Published: Saturday, December 25, 1999

What I Learned Today: How to Fix the NTLM Error In Visual InterDev

I usually have my computer on an ethernet hookup, and am use to blindingly fast Internet speeds. Since I've been home for the holidays, however, I've had to rely on a sturdy modem. While the lag is somewhat annoying, it is bearable; however, I have had a truly unbearable problem, though, since setting up my computer to use a Dial-Up connection.

- continued -

I usually use Visual InterDev to work on 4Guys. However, since setting up my Dial-Up connection, every time I tried to open a file from the Web server through Visual InterDev, I received an annoying error.

The error I received when trying to open a file in Visual InterDev

This caused me great pains. For a few days, I resorted to using WS_FTP, which I had to setup on the new 4Guys site using pcAnywhere (try using that from a Dial-Up Connection!). Anyway, after a while I got sick and tired of this approach, and decided to find out why Visual InterDev was giving me this annoying error.

My search started at support.microsoft.com, which, not surprisingly, yielded nothing but headaches. I bounced over to search the 15Seconds.com ListServ. There were many hits to my query, which was simply NTLM. I read a few random hits, and found one that mentioned the Log On to Network option needed to be turned on to have NTLM work properly over a Dail-Up connection. Lo and behold - I tried this, and it worked! I hadn't had this option set in my Dial-Up connection, and required nothing more than simply selecting a checkbox! (Note: you must also have the Client for Microsoft Networks Service installed as well.)

A slight change to the Dial-Up Connection was needed.

Pretty simple, but I had been banging my head against the wall for days. Just thought I'd share the results of this ordeal, so as hopefully to prevent another poor soul from experiencing the same pains!

Merry Christmas!

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