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Learn More about the ASP.NET Internet Explorer Web Controls!

Microsoft has released four ASP.NET Web controls designed to take advantage of client-side functionality in Internet Explorer. (Of course these Web controls will also work in non-Internet Explorer Web browsers.) These four Web controls are:

  1. The MultiPage Web Control,
  2. The TabStrip Web Control,
  3. The Toolbar Web Control, and
  4. The TreeView Web Control,

Unfortunately, finding information and resources about these Web controls is anything but easy. Therefore, I decided to create this collection of articles, tutorials, and samples pertaining to these awesome ASP.NET Web controls.

Download the Internet Explorer Web Controls
In order to be able to use the Internet Explorer Web Controls in your ASP.NET Web application you will need to download and install the (free) controls. They can be downloaded at http://asp.net/IEWebControls/Download.aspx. The download includes the complete source code for the Web controls, as well as instructions on how to compile the code and start using it in an ASP.NET Web application.

If you have questions in using the Internet Explorer Web Controls, such as problems setting them up, or questions about a particular method or event, be sure to ask your questions in the Internet Explorer Web Controls forum at the ASP.NET Forums...

Also, if you know of any resources on the IE Web Controls that I don't have listed here, please be sure to let me know.

Articles Summarizing the IE Web Controls

  • Internet Explorer Web Controls Overview (A must read!)
  • Internet Explorer Web Controls Reference (A must read!)
  • The Toolbar Web Control

  • The IE ToolBar Web Control
  • The TreeView Web Control

  • Displaying XML Data in the Internet Explorer TreeView Control
  • TreeView - Programming an Explorer-style Site View
  • Working with the TreeView Web Control
  • Tree Controls with XSL
  • Using the TreeView IE Web Control
  • An Overview of the TreeView IE Web Control
  • Populating the TreeView Control from a Database
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