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Learn More about Uploading Files!

One of the most commonly asked questions at the ASPMessageboard is how to upload files from the visitor's computer to the Web server. While this can be done with just ASP, it is highly recommended that a third-party component be used for any sort of heavy-duty file uploading. There are a number of components available, the best of which are listed below. You will also find articles to information on file uploading in general and how to upload files without a component!

Uploading Files Primer

  • Uploading Files from the Client to the Server
  • Understanding File Upload
  • Form-Based File Upload in HTML (RFC #1867)
  • File input (or "upload") in HTML forms

    Using a Third-Party Component

  • ASPUpload | Uploading Files with ASPUpload
  • SoftArtisans SA-FileUp | Uploading Files with SA-FileUp
  • ActiveFile | Uploading Files with ActiveFile
    Advanced File Uploading (with ABCUpload)
  • A list of third-party upload components

    Uploading Files without Using a Third-Party Component!

  • Pure ASP File Upload
  • A File-Uploading Windows Script Component

    Article Collections on File Upload

  • Upload Article Index @ 15Seconds.com

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