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Learn More about ADSI!

ADSI ASP Programmer's Reference ADSI (or Active Directory Services Interface) is a way of treating all sorts of "things" (the IIS metabase, Windows NT groups & users, etc.) as if they were object hierarchies. In terms of IIS, this means that you can access an IIS4 object for your machine, which in turn contains objects for each virtual website, which in turn contains objects for each root level directory (virtual or physical) within that website, which in turn (....you get the picture?). Below are several links to more ADSI information across the Web!

ADSI Information

  • ADSI for the Uninitiated
  • ADSI Resources
  • Understanding Active Directory
  • An Introduction to ADSI

    ADSI Examples

  • Real World ADSI
  • Active User Objects and the Membership Directory
  • Programming IIS 4.0 with ADSI

    ADSI In-Depth

  • ADSI Articles on ASPToday.com
  • ADSI Information on 15Seconds.com
  • ADSI ASP Programmer's Reference

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