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Abd Shomad
Abd Shomad has written two wonderful articles for 4GuysFromRolla.com dealing with form validation. His first article discusses dynamic client-side validation, and his second details server-side form validation. Abd has also written an article on Debugging ASP Scripts, and connecting to Text-Delimited Database files on the fly. Abd is currently a student at the School of Telecommunication Technology (STTTelkom) in Bandung, Indonesia.

Stripping HTML Tags 10-01-99
This script, by Abd Shomad, demonstrates how to strip all of the HTML tags from a string. For example, if you have an ASP or HTML page that you want to let visitors mail to a friend, you'd want to first strip the HTML tags, sending the email as plain text. This script shows you how to do just that!
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Connecting to Text-Delimited Database Files on the Fly 03-08-99
This article, by Abd Shomad, provides a handy script to connect to text-delimited database files on the fly. Abd also includes ASP code to build a connection string for database connectivity on the fly. If your ISP charges for DSN's, this alternative can save you money!
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Debugging your ASP Scripts 02-10-99
This article provides a script you can use to easily debug your ASP scripts which use forms, or other collections. A handy utility which should be in all ASP developers' toolboxes!
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Server Side Validation Code 02-07-99
This article provides an ASP script to perform server-side form validation.
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Dynamic Client Side JavaScript Validation 02-04-99

This article provides an ASP script to create client-side JavaScript form validation on the fly! A must read for those who use form validation on their website. A very neat idea and a very powerful script! [Read More]

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