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Quickly Doubling the Speed & Capacity of an ASP Web Site

By Charles Havranek

  • See a performance comparison between pure ASP and an ASP2DLL compiled component at http://xde.net/asp2dll/Microsoft_Benchmark.htm!

    ASP is designed for maximum response time. ASP, like any other scripting language, is intrepreted on the fly, since a visitor on a web site doesn't have time for an optimizing compiling and linking process. However, interpreted code is considerably less efficient than compiled code.

    Compiled COM components can be built using a variety of languages, such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, or Java. Numerous articles, such as Using Business Objects in your Web Application and Building VB Components in ASP, demonstrate how to use Visual Basic to create efficient COM compoenents to enhance the speed of one's ASP pages.

    Unfortunately COM components take time to develop and program. Furthermore, debugging COM components can be a time consuming process. It may seem like a never ending process of building the COM object, registering it on the web server, testing, unregistering the object, making changes, rebuilding the object, reregistering the object, and retesting.

    ASP2DLL takes the best of both worlds by allowing the developer to code and debug in asp, then, when ready for production or distribution, quickly convert the code into a VB Com component for maximum speed and security. ASP 0115 errors and server too busy messages magically go away with increased speed and precompiled code.

    Check out the performance difference between a standard ASP page versus a COM DLL:

  • ASP page

    In addition to raw speed, ASP2DLL provides the means for a developer to include true error handling code - no more searching through logs to find out why your error counts are going up or reports from visitors that a page you worked on a week ago doesn't work. With ASP2DLL you can have an email sent to you including the procedure or line number where the error occurred, after the email is sent you can even apologize to the visitor or send them to another page.

    ASP does not allow variable typing. For example, you cannot specify a variable type like:

    Dim someCountervar as integer.

    The latest version of ASP2DLL allows the use of directives which tell ASP2DLL how to handle your variables allowing you to "declare" variables inside your asp source code resulting in a VB declaration of Dim someCountervar as Integer. This alone can result in 10x speed improvements in looping or arithmetic operations. Finally moving your code to a DLL is the most secure way of securing and distributing your code to customers.

    XDE provides a time limited trial product, which does not optimize procedures, but it does give you a good idea of what your generated optimized code will look like and the ability to compile your own COM object, providing you have MS VB5 or MS VB 6. The free download is located at http://mirrordns.com/asp2dll/download.htm.

    For more information on ASP2DLL go to http://mirrordns.com/asp2dll/.
    Or contact XDE toll free at 1-800-208-8636!

    Happy Programming!

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