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Win a Free Pass to ASP Connections!

A winner has been selected! [Read More]

In case you didn't know, the next big ASP convention will be ASP Connections, hosted from April 30 - May 3 in sunny Pheonix, Arizona! This conference features many excellent speakers, who are key members of the ASP community, including Charles Carroll (webmaster of LearnASP) and Alan Cooper, the father of Visual Basic! Registration is $995 before March 17, $1,095 afterwards. However, you can win a free pass to ASP Connections!

The contest for winning a free raffle ticket has ended. The raffle will be held on March 13th, and winners will be notified via email by the 15th.

In case you were interested, here were the programming challenges presented to those who were interested in a chance at winning a free ticket.

Past Programming Challenges:

  • Programming Challenge #4: Create a User Poll/Voting Application
    We all know what user polls/voting applications do: present the user with several polling options, let the user select an option and "vote," and then display the results. For this application, make sure that the polling system is not hard coded - that is, the poll questions come from a database or text file or some easily editable medium. Happy Programming! Have fun! Be sure to send your results to: ASPConnections@4GuysFromRolla.com.

  • Programming Challenge #3: Create a ASP Script Viewing Beautifier (using just ASP)
    For this challenge, create an ASP script that will read in the source code of another ASP page and display it in a pretty format. For example, on ASP101.com they have the ASP source code viewed in a nice format (see this example). Of course, you are free to determine what colors/format/styles you find the most useful. Be sure to have fun too! :) Also, be sure to send your results to: ASPConnections@4GuysFromRolla.com.

  • Past Programming Challenge #2: Create a Guestbook Application (using ASP/Databases, of course)
    The more bells and whistles the better! :) Be sure to send your results to: ASPConnections@4GuysFromRolla.com.

  • Programming Challenge #1: Create a chat application using just ASP/HTML!
    This means no COM components and no ActiveX Controls! :) You can use databases and client-side scripting - just no non-standard compiled components or client-side controls. Most importantly, have fun!!! Be sure to send your results to: ASPConnections@4GuysFromRolla.com.

    A lot of people have been asking questions and expressing an interest in solving this problem. Already we have two viable solutions! Be sure to send your solution in before the end of the contest (March 6th)!

    Be sure to check back each week for a new programming challenge! The next programming challenge will be posted on February 14th!

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