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Sample Chapters

Sample Chapters!
Here is a list of ASP-related books that contain free, on-line sample chapters. If you know of an ASP-relatd book that is not listed here that has an on-line chapter, please do let me know. Also be sure to check out reader reviews on thees and many other ASP-related titles!

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Designing Microsoft ASP.NET Applications (Published by Microsoft Press on 11/12/2001)
ASP.NET, the next generation of Active Server Pages, provides a new programming model for writing Web applications based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Learn about ASP.NET development—with reusable code samples in languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C#—in this book. It provides an in-depth look at how to create ASP.NET applications and how they work under the covers. You'll learn how to create Web Forms and reusable components and how to develop XML Web services. You'll also learn how to create database-enabled ASP.NET applications that use XML (Extensible Markup Language) and ADO.NET (the latest version of Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects).
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Developing ASP Components (Published by O'Reilly on 7/15/1999)
Developing add-on controls and components is emerging as a multibillion dollar industry that is increasingly attracting the attention of developers. This book provides developers with the information and real-world examples they need to create custom ASP components using any of the three major development tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++, and J++.
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Introducing .NET (Published by Apress on 1/22/2001)
This first chapter of Introducing .NET gives a broad overview of Microsoft's new .NET Framework! Since the next "version" of ASP, ASP.NET, is tightly integrated with the .NET Framework, it is essential to have a good understanding of the overall .NET initiative. This sample chapter is a great place to start!
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Learning XML (Published by O'Reilly on 2/1/2001)
This book is for those new to XML - the book discusses the purpose of XML, examines the XML markup, and provides an in-depth look into XSL. If you need to firm up your grasp on XML this book is an excellent choice.
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Microsoft ASP.NET Step by Step (Published by Microsoft Press on 12/9/2001)
ASP.NET, the next generation of Active Server Pages, provides the most advanced Web-development platform created to date. Get a solid handle on this revolutionary new programming framework and its underlying technologies with this accessible, modular primer. You will quickly learn how to put together the basic building blocks to get working in ASP.NET —and you'll find examples drawn from the real-world challenges that both beginning and experienced developers face every day. Easy-to-grasp instructions help you understand fundamental tools and technologies such as the common language runtime, Web Forms, XML Web services, and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Throughout the book, you'll find insightful tips about best practices to follow while using ASP.NET to create scalable, high-performance Web applications.
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Professional Active Server Pages 3.0 (Published by Apress on 9/1/1999)
Professional Active Server Pages 3.0 is the next edition of the number one selling ASP book in the world; Professional Active Server Pages 2.0. This is a next edition covering all the new features that appear as part of Win2000 but it is also a completely new book in terms of content, recycling essentially nothing from the previous edition. Instead all the concepts are taken a step further for a more mature audience and ASP is considered in terms of an N-tier enterprise environment including extensive coverage of components, Index Server, ADO 2.5, XML, CDO, ADSI, and much more!
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Professional ASP Techniques for Web Masters (Published by Apress on 8/1/1998)
This book is aimed at anybody who is building a Web site using Windows NT Server, and especially those that use SQL Server as the data source (though the techniques can equally well be implemented with other data sources instead). The bulk of the book is about Active Server Pages, with some Active Server Components thrown in. Readers will need to be reasonably familiar with ASP and the way that it works, and with the syntax of SQL-the language. It isn't designed to teach newcomers to ASP or SQL about these languages. Because it is based solidly around real-world situations and working examples, it is ideal for the busy webmaster, Web site administrator, plus the budding designers and implementers that are just getting started building their first site.
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Professional ASP XML (Published by Apress on 6/1/2000)
This book is for intermediate to advanced ASP programmers, who have little or no knowledge of XML, and want to expand their programming ability by adding XML skills to their repertoire. XML will be explained from the ground up. However, other technologies will not be discussed in such detail and it is assumed that the user is familiar with other Internet techniques on the Microsoft platform, such as (D)HTML, client-side scripting with JScript, and programming in Visual Basic. You should have at least a basic understanding of three-tier architectures like Microsoft DNA.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Professional ASP.NET (Published by Apress on 7/15/2001)
This ASP.NET tome is a whopping 1,400 pages, packed full of information about Microsoft's ASP.NET. If you are a serious ASP.NET developer, this is one book that should definitely be in your library!
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Professional ASP.NET Web Services (Published by Apress on 11/1/2001)
XML-based Web Services are seen by many as the next big step in the progress of distributed computing. Promotion by a range of companies across the computing industry is creating a lot of interest in this emerging set of technologies and standards. Microsoft is one of the leading advocates, building support for Web Services into ASP.NET. This book will show you how to create high-quality Web Services using ASP.NET. It describes the standards that are core to the Web Services architecture and examines how these standards are integrated into ASP.NET. The processes involved in building and consuming Web Services are discussed along with in-depth code examples. The book concludes with three case studies, each examining a different application of Web Services, and presenting a complete solution.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Professional Site Server (Published by Apress on 7/1/1999)
Professional Site Server 3.0 is a comprehensive Site Server compendium aimed at each of the following groups. First, program managers and product managers who are interested in furthering their web endeavors and using all of the available tools and resources that Microsoft provides, or who have already invested in Site Server Commerce and want to use it to its full potential Second, the book will be heavily weighted towards using programming Site Server 3.0 and will appeal directly to developers and consultants who have to implement and solve real-world problems with Site Server. The book will provide readers with real-world examples that they can apply to their own current problems.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Professional SQL Server 2000 Database Design (Published by Apress on 3/1/2001)
Database design is an essential skill that is often not adequately mastered by those who design databases as part of their jobs. This book presents the most widely used methodology (IDEF1X) in an easily accessible form and provides exhaustive information and examples on the process of designing and implementing a database application from the backend database programmer's standpoint. It takes the reader through the process of designing a database from conception to documentation.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming (Published by Apress on 12/1/2000)
This book is a revised follow on from Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming, to address the new features of this recent release. With a general understanding of programming principles, (e.g. familiarity with VB, C++, VB Script) Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming provides a comprehensive overview of the new areas of SQL Server, for programmers.
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Professional Windows DNA (Published by Apress on 9/1/2000)
Building distributed web applications is a wide-ranging topic, covering a variety of technologies and techniques. Windows DNA is the name given to the combination of traditional n-tier architecture with the intrinsic Windows 2000 services, including COM+, MSMQ, and Active Directory. Using this architecture, you can design and build scalable enterprise-level distributed applications on the Windows 2000 platform. This book takes an in-depth look at the DNA architecture, focusing on fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. Each of the logical tiers is examined, with particular emphasis placed on the features COM+ contains to make component building simpler and more powerful!
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Programming C# (Published by O'Reilly on 7/15/2001)
The goal of C# is to serve as a high-performance language for .NET development--one that is simple, safe, object-oriented, and Internet-centric. Programming C# teaches this new language in a way that experienced programmers will appreciate--by grounding its application firmly in the context of Microsoft's .NET platform and the development of desktop and Internet applications.
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