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Sample Chapters

Sample Chapters!
Here is a list of ASP-related books that contain free, on-line sample chapters. If you know of an ASP-relatd book that is not listed here that has an on-line chapter, please do let me know. Also be sure to check out reader reviews on thees and many other ASP-related titles!

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Microsoft ASP.NET Step by Step (Published by Microsoft Press on 12/9/2001)
ASP.NET, the next generation of Active Server Pages, provides the most advanced Web-development platform created to date. Get a solid handle on this revolutionary new programming framework and its underlying technologies with this accessible, modular primer. You will quickly learn how to put together the basic building blocks to get working in ASP.NET —and you'll find examples drawn from the real-world challenges that both beginning and experienced developers face every day. Easy-to-grasp instructions help you understand fundamental tools and technologies such as the common language runtime, Web Forms, XML Web services, and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Throughout the book, you'll find insightful tips about best practices to follow while using ASP.NET to create scalable, high-performance Web applications.
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Designing Microsoft ASP.NET Applications (Published by Microsoft Press on 11/12/2001)
ASP.NET, the next generation of Active Server Pages, provides a new programming model for writing Web applications based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Learn about ASP.NET development—with reusable code samples in languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C#—in this book. It provides an in-depth look at how to create ASP.NET applications and how they work under the covers. You'll learn how to create Web Forms and reusable components and how to develop XML Web services. You'll also learn how to create database-enabled ASP.NET applications that use XML (Extensible Markup Language) and ADO.NET (the latest version of Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects).
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Debugging ASP.NET (Published by New Riders on 10/24/2001)
The typical web or software developer spends over 50% of his or her time debugging code, yet most development books spend little (if any) time on the subject. Debugging ASP.NET concentrates on debugging issues related to Microsoft's new web development platform, ASP.NET. All of the new debugging tools introduced in ASP.NET are covered, and solutions are offered.
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ASP.NET in a Nutshell (Published by O'Reilly on 8/2/2002)
For those experienced with previous versions of ASP or the .NET platform, ASP.NET in a Nutshell is an invaluable resource that goes beyond the published documentation to highlight little-known details, stress practical uses for particular features, and provide real-world examples that show how features can be used in a working application. Unlike other books, it distills a large and comparatively complicated subject into a compact tutorial and reference that is useful for both learning essential concepts and daily reference. This book covers application and web service development, custom controls, data access, security, deployment, and error handling. There’s also an overview of the web-related class libraries.
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Programming C# (Published by O'Reilly on 7/15/2001)
The goal of C# is to serve as a high-performance language for .NET development--one that is simple, safe, object-oriented, and Internet-centric. Programming C# teaches this new language in a way that experienced programmers will appreciate--by grounding its application firmly in the context of Microsoft's .NET platform and the development of desktop and Internet applications.
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Learning XML (Published by O'Reilly on 2/1/2001)
This book is for those new to XML - the book discusses the purpose of XML, examines the XML markup, and provides an in-depth look into XSL. If you need to firm up your grasp on XML this book is an excellent choice.
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C# Essentials (Published by O'Reilly on 1/31/2001)
C# is a new language being released alongside with Microsoft's ASP.NET. ASP.NET Web pages can be created in a number of .NET-compatible languages, including Visual Basic.NET (VB 7), JScript.NET, and C# (among others). C# is (strikingly) similar to Java in syntax and style.
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VBScript Pocket Reference (Published by O'Reilly on 1/30/2001)
This book, now in its second edition, provides a concise reference guide for VBScript, the scripting language of choice for most ASP developers. This title, as its name suggests, serves best as a reference. If you find yourself often needing to know the specific parameters or purpose of a particular VBScript statement, operator, function, or keyword, this book is for you!
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit O'Reilly's HomePage]

Designing Active Server Pages (Published by O'Reilly on 10/1/2000)
Designing Active Server Pages is written for developers who have already mastered the basics of ASP application development and are ready to take the next logical step. It is sure to become an indispensable part of every web developer's library!
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit O'Reilly's HomePage]

ASP In a Nutshell, 2nd Ed. (Published by O'Reilly on 7/1/2000)
ASP in a Nutshell, 2nd edition, provides the high-quality reference documentation that web application developers really need to create effective Active Server Pages. It focuses on how features are used in a real application and highlights little-known or undocumented features.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit O'Reilly's HomePage]

Developing ASP Components (Published by O'Reilly on 7/15/1999)
Developing add-on controls and components is emerging as a multibillion dollar industry that is increasingly attracting the attention of developers. This book provides developers with the information and real-world examples they need to create custom ASP components using any of the three major development tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++, and J++.
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Building Websites with the ASP.Net Community Starter Kit (Published by PACKT Publishing on 5/15/2004)
Microsoft's ASP.NET Community Starter Kit (CSK) is a powerful, freely available application that allows you to quickly create a fully featured community-driven website, complete with article and news management, downloads, forums, and user handling. Supported and tested by thousands of developers in the ASP.NET community across the world, the Community Starter Kit offers you the luxury of a scalable and extensible architecture, and the ability to brand your own site. This book will take you inside the Community Starter Kit, allowing you to harness its power for easily creating your own websites. The book is structured to help you understand, implement and extend the Community Starter Kit.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit PACKT Publishing's HomePage]

Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 24 Hours, Complete Starter Kit (Published by Sams Publishing on 6/15/2003)
Are you interested in learning ASP.NET? Are you relatively new to Web development? If so, my latest book, Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 24 Hours, Complete Starter Kit is the book for you! This book is perfect for the person who needs to learn ASP.NET quickly and effectively in a relatively short amount of time. It doesn't matter if you've been developing Web applications for years, or are just getting started - this book explains ASP.NET in lucid detail for readers of all experience levels.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Sams Publishing's HomePage]

ASP.NET Data Web Controls Kick Start (Published by Sams Publishing on 2/26/2003)
Utilizing the more advanced features of the Data Web Controls has many developers stumped. These controls are fairly simple to use when it comes to simple data display. However, they can do much more than merely present data. For example, the DataGrid Web Control allows for sorting, paging, and editing of data. In addition, these controls allow for templating of data, which can be used to provide more complex views. ASP.NET Data Web Controls Kick Start is likely to be an indispensable item in every ASP.NET developer's toolbox.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Sams Publishing's HomePage]

Teach Yourself ADO.NET in 24 Hours (Published by Sams Publishing on 5/10/2002)
ADO.NET is the data access model built into the .NET Framework. It replaces the old (and largely successful) ADO used in almost all Visual Basic and ASP applications built over the last few years. ADO.NET enables an application to communicate with any OLE database source (including Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft Access, and even text files). This book will present ADO.NET in a simple, easy -to-learn manner filled with many code examples and exercises. A reader with no previous knowledge of ADO.NET should be able to read this book and have a functional knowledge of new object model allowing them to retrieve and work with data from multiple data sources.
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