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Sample Chapters

Sample Chapters!
Here is a list of ASP-related books that contain free, on-line sample chapters. If you know of an ASP-relatd book that is not listed here that has an on-line chapter, please do let me know. Also be sure to check out reader reviews on thees and many other ASP-related titles!

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Professional Active Server Pages 3.0 (Published by Apress on 9/1/1999)
Professional Active Server Pages 3.0 is the next edition of the number one selling ASP book in the world; Professional Active Server Pages 2.0. This is a next edition covering all the new features that appear as part of Win2000 but it is also a completely new book in terms of content, recycling essentially nothing from the previous edition. Instead all the concepts are taken a step further for a more mature audience and ASP is considered in terms of an N-tier enterprise environment including extensive coverage of components, Index Server, ADO 2.5, XML, CDO, ADSI, and much more!
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Beginning Components for ASP (Published by Apress on 9/1/1999)
What's Great About this Book? ASP is in its high growth phase Information on ASP Components scarce and in demand Covers all the major hot topics for component creation : MTS, ADSI, RDO, ADO, CDO, Services, MSMQ Written by real industry component creators and established ASP gurus Who is this Book for? Experienced VB programmers who have some awareness of COM aims and objectives Intermediate ASP developers with VB knowledge.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Developing ASP Components (Published by O'Reilly on 7/15/1999)
Developing add-on controls and components is emerging as a multibillion dollar industry that is increasingly attracting the attention of developers. This book provides developers with the information and real-world examples they need to create custom ASP components using any of the three major development tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++, and J++.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit O'Reilly's HomePage]

Professional Site Server (Published by Apress on 7/1/1999)
Professional Site Server 3.0 is a comprehensive Site Server compendium aimed at each of the following groups. First, program managers and product managers who are interested in furthering their web endeavors and using all of the available tools and resources that Microsoft provides, or who have already invested in Site Server Commerce and want to use it to its full potential Second, the book will be heavily weighted towards using programming Site Server 3.0 and will appeal directly to developers and consultants who have to implement and solve real-world problems with Site Server. The book will provide readers with real-world examples that they can apply to their own current problems.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Designing Distributed Applications (Published by Apress on 5/1/1999)
Using Stephen's 5 Principles of Cooperative Network Application Development, you can create applications that can promote themselves on the network, sharing data and logic with clients of varying levels of sophistication. Using XML to define data exchange in such a way that future applications will also be able to negotiate an exchange format - even in the face of minor programming errors or evolving data definitions. Using LDAP this can take place on a network where we query for the services without knowing their location. The result is a distributed computing environment that will remain robust while users and resources are in flux.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Professional ASP Techniques for Web Masters (Published by Apress on 8/1/1998)
This book is aimed at anybody who is building a Web site using Windows NT Server, and especially those that use SQL Server as the data source (though the techniques can equally well be implemented with other data sources instead). The bulk of the book is about Active Server Pages, with some Active Server Components thrown in. Readers will need to be reasonably familiar with ASP and the way that it works, and with the syntax of SQL-the language. It isn't designed to teach newcomers to ASP or SQL about these languages. Because it is based solidly around real-world situations and working examples, it is ideal for the busy webmaster, Web site administrator, plus the budding designers and implementers that are just getting started building their first site.
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