An "Improved" Context-Sensitive Help Demo

This demo adds a half-second delay between mousing over a help region and displaying the help window, and a 0.75 second delay between leaving the help region and hiding its help window. The first delay removed the flicker that was previously exhibited when moving the mouse inadvertently through a help region. The second delay allows the user time to mouse over the help window and click on its links or scroll it.

In this demo, mouse over the "Mouse over me!" text to view a particularly long help screen with a hyperlink. If you jet your mouse over the help region quickly, note that no help window appears. You can move your mouse to the help window to interact with it. Compare this behavior to the functionality in the demo from last week's rudimentary implementation:
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Note: When using links in your help window, make sure to have the link's target attribute set to _blank or _parent in order to have the hyperlink, when clicked, open in a new browser window or in the parent window... without specifying a target attribute, clicking the link in a help window will take the user to that link in the help window itself.

This demo shows a particularly loooooooooooooooooooooooong help window, highlighting the scrolling features now possible due to the delay during which the help window stays open...

Mouse over me! 

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