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FormatPercent(Expression, NumDigitsAfterDecimal, IncludeLeadingDigit,
               UseParensForNegativeNumbers, GroupDigits)
 - Returns an expression formatted as a percentage (multiplied by 100)
   with a trailing % character.

(NOTE!! This function MUST have FormatNumber
also provided.)


function FormatPercent(num,decimalNum,bolLeadingZero,bolParens,bolCommas)
		NUM - the number to format
		decimalNum - the number of decimal places to format the number to
		bolLeadingZero - true / false - display a leading zero for
										numbers between -1 and 1
		bolParens - true / false - use parenthesis around negative numbers
		bolCommas - put commas as number separators.										
		The formatted number!		
	var tmpStr = new String(FormatNumber(num*100,decimalNum,bolLeadingZero,bolParens,bolCommas));

	if (tmpStr.indexOf(")") != -1) {
		// We know we have a negative number, so place '%' inside of ')'
		tmpStr = tmpStr.substring(0,tmpStr.length - 1) + "%)";
		return tmpStr;
		return tmpStr + "%";			// Return formatted string!

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