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What is ASP+?

  • Last updated September 3rd, 2000

    ASP+ is the next "version" of ASP. I placed quotes around the word version because ASP+ is not really a natural evolution from ASP 3.0; rather, ASP+ offers an entirely new paradigm for creating server-side Web scripts. At the time of this writing, ASP+ is still in the beta stages, the public release date slated for early 2001. If you are interested in downloading a copy of the beta, you can do so (for free) at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/net/. (It is ~90MB download and you will need to install it on a Windows 2000 box.)

    ASP+ is a major major major enhancement to ASP. There are far too many new features to ASP+ to list them all in this article. Charles Carroll, however, has written a nice article espousing the many benefits of ASP+ over ASP. To read his take on the matter, be sure to check out: An Overview on ASP+.

    To learn more about ASP+, let me highly suggest that you read the following articles:

    You can ask your ASP+ related questions on the ASP+ Forum on ASPMessageboard or on Charles Carroll's ASP+ ListServ.

    FAQ Table of Contents   What languages will developers be able to use to create ASP+ pages? 

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