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How can I perform form validation with ASP+?

  • Last updated September 14th, 2000

    ASP+ contains a series of validator controls to aid in server-side form validation. These controls include:

    • RequiredFieldValidator - Used to ensure that a form field has a value entered
    • CompareValidator - Used to ensure that a form field entry is equivalent to another form control
    • RegularExpressionValidator - Used to ensure that a form field entry conforms to a particular regular expression
    • RangeValidator - Used to ensure that a form field entry has a value between a certain range
    • CustomValidator - Allows you to build your own validation logic to compare a form field value against
    • ValidationSummary - Used to display a summary of validation errors

    To learn all about form validation with ASP+, be sure to read: Form Validation with ASP+! Also, you can view the validator control technical docs!

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