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ASP's Server Side Languages

ASP is a somewhat unique server-side scripting language, since it let's you choose the syntax you wish to develop with. The two most popular scripting languages for ASP are VBScript and JScript, although you can also code in PerlScript. To set what scripting language you want to use, at the top of your ASP programs, you need to add a single line of code:


or, if you wanted to code in JScript (which is strikingly similar to JavaScript, you would write:


Since VBScript is the more widely used scripting language for ASP, you will note that 99% of the code on this site dealing with ASP is written in VBScript. JScript's syntax is much like JavaScript's.

If you're interested in learning more about JScript be sure to visit the JScript Ariticle Listing. From that page you'll find several great JScript resources on 4Guys and other Web sites!

Other Languages Besides JScript and VBScript
While VBScript and JScript are the two most popular server-side scripting languages by far, there are other server-side scripting languages available. In fact, any scripting language that has a certified ActiveX Scripting Engine can be used in an ASP page as the server-side scripting language.

Other server-side scripting languages include PerlScript, which is similar to Perl, and Python. To learn more about PerlScript be sure to read: Using PerlScript to Create ASP Pages. For more information on Python, be sure to visit: Python.org.

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