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Why ASP?

Before you decide to use ASP to implement your web application, you should do some serious thinking to determine if ASP is the correct solution for your particular problem.

If you need a dynamic web site, with database connectivity, and you already are using IIS 3.0 or up, then ASP is obviously the simple choice. If you are using a UNIX server and want to use ASP, you have two options:

  • Buy a third part product, like Chilisoft, to run your ASP on a non-Microsoft web server, or
  • Move your site to a host who provides NT webservers.

There are many advantages to using ASP. They include database connectivity, the ability to create dynamic web sites, and the ease with which you can create web sites to sell inventory on the web. ASP is nice because it is free! ASP's biggest advantage, in my opinion, is that it is easy to learn, especially for those who are familiar with VisualBASIC.

There are also non-Microsoft development tools for sale to create dynamic web sites, but those products (such as Cold Fusion) aren't free. ASP, however, is!

It is easier, in my opinion, to write dynamic sites using ASP than it is using Perl on a UNIX box. UNIX webservers are more stable than NT servers, though, and Perl script will most often run quicker than ASP script.

In summation, if you have a Microsoft webserver, the choice is pretty obvious if you want a dynamic website.

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