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Database/SQL Information on the Internet

Where do you go when you have a question concerning SQL or Databases in general? There are many spots on the Internet that have oodles of SQL information for your consumption. Here are a list of some of the best!

  • Got a Specific Question? If you have a particular question regarding SQL or working with databases through an ASP page, be sure to ask your question on the ASP Messageboard Database Forum. There are also a couple of great SQL ListServs over at ASP Lists.com: the SQL Server ListServ and the SQL HowTo ListServ. Also be sure to check out our: Commonly Asked Database Questions from the ASPMessageboard.

  • Looking for Articles on SQL and Databases? A vast number of articles on SQL are indexed at SQL Index, a Yahoo!-style collection of SQL links around the web.

  • Where are the latest SQL Articles? For the most recent articles, mosey on over to SQL Wire. There you will find the most recent SQL-related articles that have been published to the Web.

  • Is there a SQL Tutorial? If you're looking for reference-style information on SQL itself, the language of databases, look no further than the Introduction to Structured Query Language.

    For tons of great SQL Information, also be sure to check out: SQLTeam.com!

    If you have a recommendation please let me know!

    Happy Programming!

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