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Julian is a software developer who currently spending his time developing a web-based project management software using Java. Most of his experience is in the e-commerce/Internet development arena and prefers to develop with Java, ASP, JSP, XML, Oracle, SQL Server, and UNIX (in no particular order). Previous to his current endeavors, Julian worked for an online learning company where he designed and implemented a large, distributed online learning application.

Querying an LDAP Server using Active Directory and ADO 04-18-00
This article, by Julian, demonstrates how to use ADO to query an LDAP database using ActiveDirectory.
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LDAP/SiteServer User migration using ADSI 03-01-00
This article, by Julian, demonstrates how to use ADSI to migrate an existing SiteServer/LDAP database over to Windows 2000's Active Directory. An very worthwhile read if you're preparing to migrate to Windows 2000 and you use LDAP or SiteServer!
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Encyption with ASP 11-05-99
This article shows how to use ASP to perform Vernam Encryption to encrypt strings! Julian explains how to create a private encryption key and use this to transform ordinary strings into encrypted strings. If you are like me, and think encryption is cool, you'll like this article! :)
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Accessing the System Registry using MS SQL Server - PART 1 10-14-99
This article demonstrates how to read the registry using SQL server! With Julian's approach, you can have an ASP page from which the values of the system registry can be read via a SQL server call. Very neat, very powerful stuff!
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Caching a Web Page 09-10-99
This article demonstrates how to cache an entire web page! While this isn't really that practical, it does demonstrate how to use the Application object to cache data, and how to use the FileSystemObject to read the contents of a file!
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Using the Dictionary Object for Data Collection & Validation 07-28-99
This interesting article, by Julian, demonstrates a nifty way to validate your forms... by using a Dictionary Object! Julian's method validates that needed string responses are entered and are of at least a minimum length. Also, if the user enters invalid data, they are shown a rather nice explanation of what, exactly, they entered incorrectly. A worthwhile read!
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Just What is SQL Doing? 07-15-99
Have you ever wondered what in the hell SQL server is doing at any given moment? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to view the inner workings of SQL at any point in time from the web? Well, it's quite possible. This article shows you how to create an ASP page which shows this information!
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