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Ryan S.
Ryan S. is the best 16 year old ASP programmer I've run across! He is a testament to the adage that the best computer scientists are still in high school. (Man, do I feel old, and I'm only 20!) I'm really looking forward to more articles from Ryan, they are truly fantabulous.

ASP Instant Messaging 04-10-00
This article is a follow up to his earlier 3-Part article series, "Messaging in ASP." In his earlier article series, Ryan demonstrated how to use Session and Application variables to provide for an instant, on-line messaging. In this article, Ryan discusses the pros and cons of this method, and demonstrates how to use custom recordsets to enhance the application!
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Using Custom Recordsets 07-17-99
This article discusses what, exactly, custom recordsets are, and how you can use them to track the number of visitors on your site at a given point in time. The neat thing about custom recordsets is that you get all the power of recordsets with the columns you want and without ever connecting to a database. This article is a must read!
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Using Template Files to Create Dynamic ASP Pages 06-27-99
This article demonstrates how to have ASP pages dynamically generated using a template file. With Ryan's approach, all you need to do is write one HTML page, focusing on the formatting. Then, your ASP page dissects this template, HTML file to dynamically generate the output the web surfer's see. A pretty nifty idea, and a neat little script.
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Browser Detection using BrowserHawk 06-27-99
This article discusses how to detect your web surfer's browser using cyScape's BrowserHawk.
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Utilizing INNER Joins 05-05-99
This article discusses what inner joins are and why they are desirable when grabbing data from multiple tables. Ryan includes syntax and examples, as well as a thorough description!
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Checklist for VB Component Trouble Shooting 05-03-99
This article presents a checklist of trouble shooting tips when running into errors with VB Components.
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Server.CreateObject vs. CreateObject 04-30-99
This article by Ryan S. discusses the difference between Server.CreateObject and CreateObject. Very illuminating for those who are unaware of the difference between the two commands!
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How to Make a Web Messaging Client via ASP 04-29-99
This article discusses the theory behind creating a web messaging client with ASP (a messaging client like AOL's Instant Messenger). This article focuses on the theory behind such an application, not the code. An interesting read!
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Reading/Writing Text Files Using ASP 04-06-99
This article shows how to read and write text files using ASP! Code examples and a good explanation are provided. If you've ever needed to manipulate text files on the server, this article is a must read!
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Messaging in ASP, Part 3 04-05-99
This is Ryan S.'s 3rd part of his Messaging in ASP series. This "chapter" deals with adding designs to the message to personalize the appearance of the messaging system.
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Inserting Form Responses into Databases 04-04-99
This article, by Ryan S., demonstrates how to store the results from a form into a database. Ryan guides the reader through the needed steps of creating the table to store to results, creating the form, storing the form into the database, and handling exceptions. A good read for beginners wanting to learn more about form and database interactions!
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Creating an On-Line Quiz Using ASP 03-27-99
This article shows you how to create an on-line quizing system using ASP. Ryan created such a system for his high school, and decided to share what he learned with 4Guys's audience! The quiz system is developed using an Access database, and stems from a question on the WebChat! MessageBoard.
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Messaging in ASP, Part 2 03-23-99
This is Ryan's 2nd part to the Messaging in ASP series. This article details the ViewArticle.asp file, showing how to display the messages received from other intranet/internet users.
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Messaging in ASP, Part 1 03-18-99
This article, by Ryan S., steps through the first of a several part series on sending messages over the 'net using ASP. Ryan developed this system for his highschool so students could send messages to teachers. This first part discusses the database design for the project and provides the code for the first screen, the user's inbox. Ryan explains his logic and code quite well, making this article easy to read and understand!
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Ryan S.'s Bio
I'm currently 17, in college, about to get out of my Freshman year before I hit 18. Starting Fall 2001, I'll be going to college at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa for a double major in Comp Sci and Philosophy. Right now, I'm all about P.Y.T., and you can see what's going on at my site http://www.lovespyt.com and you can see what I'm cooking up in the (often buggy) devel site of http://devel.lovespyt.com. As a side note, it's all hosted off my box, so don't expect speed or anything fun like reliability (I am at 99.1% since February tho :D)
Bio last updated 4/10/01

God Bless from Ryan S

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