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Mike Shaffer
Mike Shaffer has designed and implemented many high-volume websites over the last several years. Mike has specialized professionally in database, e-commerce, real-time transactional and membership sites. His client list includes Coca-Cola, Weyerhauser, US Social Security Administration, Ford Motor Company (Europe), General Electric, Frito-Lay and many others. His personal interests in programming include cryptography, data compression, code optimization, and algorithm design. In his spare time (ha!) he likes to write (music, poetry, fiction) and watch classic movies.

Email Mike at 4guys@effengud.com...

Proportional Image Resizing within a Constrained Area 01-12-01
This article, by Mike Shaffer, demonstrates how to proportionally resize an image in a specified space. For example, if you have an image that is, say 100 pixels wide and 80 pixels tall, and you need to fit it into a table cell no larger than, say, 50x50 pixels, you could resize it to 50x50 by explicitly setting the HEIGHT and WIDTH parameters of the IMG tag. However, in such a case, the image would be out of proportion (stretched taller than it should be). In this article, Mike shares a function that will maintain the image's aspect ratio when resizing an image with explicit HEIGHT and WIDTH settings!
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Determing Image Properties through ASP 05-03-00
This article, by Mike Shaffer, demonstrates how to use ASP and VBScript to determine the width, height, and color depth of GIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG image files! This simple to use routine can be utilized for a number of real-life applications including intelligent image scaling, ensuring that uploaded images conform to a certain size or color depth requirement, and gathering information on the images used on your Web site! Another great article from Mike!
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Improving the "Calculating the Distance Between Cities" Algorithm 04-01-00
This article is an addendum to his earlier article Calculating the Distance Between Cities. In this article Mike discusses how to increase the performance of the algorithm when needing to perform the distance calculation for a large number of cities. If you've not read Mike's first article on Calculating the Distance Between Cities, be sure to read that first! It's a very interesting and useful article! :)
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A Component to List the System DSNs on a Web Server 01-19-00
This article provides a free component to obtain a delimited list of System DSNs on a Web server! This component works with both PWS and IIS. If you have any administration-type pages, such as the SQL Query Test Page, this component will save you time and automatically account for any DSN changes you may make in the future! Not only is the component DLL freely available, but the source code is available too!
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Determining the Sunrise and Sunset for a Particular Location 01-08-00
This article demonstrates how to calculate the sunrise and sunset times for a particular longitude and latitude pair. This article is a companion article to Mike's earlier article, Calculating the Distance Between Cities. This is an interesting article and worth a read!
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Calculating the Distance Between Cities 01-05-00
This article demonstrates how to determine the distance between two points on the globe given their longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. These routines can be used to find the distance between two zip codes or two cities. With the Internet creating global marketing, many brick and mortar sites offer a feature for their users to find the nearest outlet to their home. This routine can be used to help provide such functionality!
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RC4 Encryption Using ASP & VBScript 01-01-00
This article, by Mike Shaffer, demonstrates how an algorithm that implements RC4 encryption using VBScript! The RC4 method is especially interesting, since it requires only a single password to both encrypt and decrypt a given string.
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Timing the Execution of an ASP Script 12-27-99
This article demonstrates how to time the execution of your ASP scripts using a server-side VBScript implementation! This script should be in every developer's toolbox!
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Optiming ADO Calls Using the Set Statement 12-08-99
This article demonstrates how to increase the efficiency of your ADO Recordset calls by using both ordinal references to Recordset elements and the Set statement to assign a particular Recordset column to a variable! Very interesting stuff that has a profound impact on the speed of your ADO calls!
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Optimizing ADO Calls 12-02-99
This article demonstrates how to increase the efficiency of your ADO Recordset calls. Mike ran benchmarks testing three different ways that you can reference a specific column in the Recordset object, and found one method to be particularly efficient! Read on to learn more!
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