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The SQL Guru Answers your Questions...

Today's question comes from Mike:

Hello Mr. Guru. Quick question.

How do I rank search results?

Search for "the dog"

100% - the dog bla bla bla
50%  - a dog bla bla bla
25%  - and og bla bla bla

Is there a SQL function that does this or do I have to do it manually? If manually, how would I sort it?


There are a pair of sql functions that you may want to look at: SOUNDEX and DIFFERENCE. SOUNDEX phonetically encodes a string and returns the coded value. The more useful function, DIFFERENCE, phonetically compares two strings and returns a value from 0(not at all similar) to 4(very similar).

That's about in in pre SQL 7.0. Starting with SQL 7.0, I'd recommend using the full-text indexing features. You can do a full text search and returned ranked results, similar to what you have above. Look in SQL Server books online... there's more than enough there to get ya started.


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