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Make use of a sensible directory structure!

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    Far too often I've seen sites with confusing file names and directory structures. (For example, this site! :) Articles indexed by date, directory names not too descriptive, etc., etc. (shame on us!!).) Anyway, it is a lot easier for your web surfers and for you, if you use ASP file names that reflect what the file do, and put scripts in directories with names that make sense.

    For example, say you were creating an Active Server Page site, and let's say that you had a section dedicated to learning ASP. It would make sense to put scripts relating to this learning tutorial in a directory named /learn. If you had a file about database questions, it might make sense to name the file dbQuestions.asp. Later, when skimming through the website, you'll have a better idea of what the script /learn/dbQuestions.asp is about, while if it was named something like /webtech/051399-1.shtml, you might a bit more confused! :)

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