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Know where to find information!

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    An important part of coding any language is knowing where to find the answers to the questions you have! No one is perfect, and everyone comes across a problem every once in a while (some more often than others), so it's imperative to know where to find the answers to those questions you have!

    There are a number of great books on ASP that are available. You can find books reviews at http://www.15seconds.com/book.

    You can also find much help on the Internet. There are many great sites similar to 4Guys, sites which have tons of useful ASP information! Here are a quick listing of some of my favorite:

  • ASPWire.com Headlines
  • SQL Index
  • ActiveServerPages.com ASP FAQ
  • ASP FAQ on 4Guys
  • ASP Today
  • Hope this helps! Now you know where to find the information to help you solve your ASP problems... and knowing's half the battle! :)

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