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Be able to code in raw ASP!

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    Too often today, developers find themselves depend on GUI ASP developing tools, like DrumBeat or VisualInderDev. These development tools are not bad, but they can be detrimental if you do not know how to do what you are doing without the GUI tool!

    Why is this bad? Well, let's say that one time you don't have your GUI tool, and something goes wrong? You're up the creek! Or perhaps your GUI tool of choice cannot cut the mustard for a particular thing you need done. If you've become so reliant on the tool, you would not know how to accomplish the task ahead.

    It's always been my opinion that beginning ASP developers should stay as far away from GUI tools until they have the basics mastered. That means use Notepad! You can even read an entire article dedicated to my view on this!

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