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XML Articles on 4Guys and the Web!

Interested in learning about XML or sharpening your XML skills? This page contains a list of XML resources on 4Guys and on the Web that are helpful for both the beginning and veteran XML student!

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Learning XML Introducing XML

  • Getting Started with XML
  • XML Basics
  • XML Forum on
  • XML FAQ Category at

    XML in Practice

  • Online Content Creation using ASP, XML and XSL
  • Using XSL Stylesheets to Translate XML into HTML
  • Displaying XML Data from other Web Sources as HTML using XSL
  • XML and XSL with ASP
  • Accessing XML Data using ASP
  • A Collection of XML Examples
  • Converting Hierarchical Recordsets Into XML
  • Saving HTML Form Data to XML
  • Creating a Function to Stream a Recordset to XML

    In-Depth XML

  • Creating an In-Memory Database Using XML and XPath
  • Server-Side XML in Action

    XML Article Collections

  • XML Section
  • Microsoft's XML Developer Center
  • XML Standards References
  • (good for learning the basics of XML)

    If you know of any good XML articles that are not listed here, be sure to let me know!

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