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A Guide to Personal Loans Without Credit Check (Kredittsjekk)


Life is full of surprises. You can never know what emergencies can arise at any point. The only thing you can do at that point is to have sufficient funds to offset whatever monetary bills the situation presents. Unfortunately, there are times when one may not have the funds to cater to these needs. You might run around to collect a loan, but because of your credit score, it may not be approved. 

A credit score is a mark calculated from an analysis of your financial history. It represents a person’s creditworthiness. If you don’t have a credit score or have a very low mark, you may not be granted a personal loan. Thankfully, there are other ways you can get this money.

This article will outline some tips to help you get a loan without a credit check. There are several factors that can affect this. Let’s discuss some of these factors that can help you out.

Factors that Can Help You Get a Loan Without a Credit Check

The following are some things to consider:

Getting a Collateral-Based Loan

When you borrow based on collateral, you eliminate the need to show your credit report. If you have assets like cars, gold, or shares, you can get a personal loan based on these assets. Collateral will serve as a guarantee that you will repay your debt. If you would like to know more about collateral and the usage, check here: 

Leverage Your Income

What you earn can affect how much personal credit you can get. For instance, if you work in a big company, it wouldn’t be so hard to get a credit. It is generally easy to borrow money when you are financially capable to pay back your debt. 

You might be asked to provide some documents when applying for the loan. One such document is a proof of your income. This document will show a history of your employment and your tax returns.

Applying for a Lower Amount of Money

If you want a loan without a credit check, you can start by applying for a low amount of money. This lowers the risk of repaying the amount. Also, since you asked for a smaller loan, the lender will feel comfortable giving you the money without asking for your credit score.

Get a Cosigner

Alternatively, you can borrow money by leveraging the credit score of another person. This person is referred to as a cosigner. The cosigner helps to apply for the loan with you and agrees to repay your debt if you default. 

Add Yourself to Another Person’s Credit Card

Another factor that can help you out is to add yourself as a user on another person’s card. This way, you are under the person’s account and in turn, their card record will reflect on your credit report.

Rectify the Errors in Your Credit Report

It is possible that you have a report but with very low credit score. In some cases, your low mark is a result of errors in your credit report. These mistakes can include missing the latest entries, wrong names, and incorrect transaction information. You need to recheck your report regularly for any errors and update it if you notice any mistakes.

Find an Online Personal Lender

Before you start applying for these loans, it is vital to make extensive research for lenders that meet your needs. Getting such a lender these days is very easy because there are many personal lending apps available today. Still, it is important to carry out a proper background check of the apps before considering any of them.

How to Choose a Loan Without a Credit Check

Here are some helpful things to consider:

Consider Your Financial Capabilities

If you will find it hard to repay a larger debt, it is best to go for a small loan you can easily repay. This will save you a lot of financial stress and wouldn’t get you into unnecessary debt. 

Explore Your Borrowing Options

There are several lenders that can advance you some money without a kredittsjekk (credit check) so know your options. These lenders include online apps, credit unions, some banks, and a loan shark. You might find it easier to apply with an online lender than a bank. Whatever option you choose, be sure that they offer good services to their borrowers.

Get Quotes from Different Lenders

The terms and interest rates of lenders differ. This is why it is vital to get quotes from different places before making a decision. The more quotes you receive, the easier it is for you to make an informed decision. You can get at least five different quotes, then choose the one with interest rates and terms that suit your needs.

Consider the Application Process and Processing Time

When you have an emergency, you will want your loan to get approved as quickly as possible. If that is the case, it is wise to go for a lender that has a fast application process and won’t demand a long list of unnecessary documents. A personal credit must be approved within three days of applying for it.

Check for Flexible Repayments

Life is unpredictable. You might not have the money to pay your monthly repayment bills. It is essential to go for a lender that offers a flexible repayment schedule. It is also important to choose one that doesn’t add extra money for late payments or prepayment of the debt.

Consider the Rate of Interest

This is another important thing to consider when choosing a lender. Interest rates differ from one financial firm to another. There are variable and fixed interest rates that can affect the repayment of your loan. A loan with a lower interest rate might have higher monthly payments while one with a higher rate might have shorter monthly payments. It is wise to know which interest rates will best meet your financial capabilities. If you would like to understand the different interest rates, read this article.

Consider the Brand’s Reputation

When it comes to money matters, you need to take your time before making any decision. When choosing a lender, it is vital to verify the reputation of the firm. Check what people say about the services of the provider. Check the firm’s policies and what is involved in borrowing from it. It is always wise to choose a well-known reputable firm in the industry.

Choose a Lender that Accesses Your Repayment Ability

Avoid going for a firm that wouldn’t access your repayment ability. This firm must review your bank account details, and check your proof of income, and other vital documents. If a financial firm doesn’t check your repayment ability, you might end up taking more loans, putting you into more debt.

Consider the License and Certification of the Financial Firm

The federal and state laws require all lenders to register their business activities. Certain regulatory organizations like the FINRA and SEC regulate the affairs of these companies. If a lender is not under any of these organizations, do not bother going for them. 

Avoid Dubious Marketing Strategies

If an offer seems too good to be true, then it truly is. When a company offers an unrealistic interest rate, do not quickly borrow from it. Check out the reputation of the firm and what its former borrowers have to say about its policies and services.


Getting a loan without a credit check is very possible. However, there are several factors that can help you out. You can decide to go for a lower amount that you can easily pay or get a collateral-based loan. More importantly, you need to choose a reputable financial firm that would lend you money without checking your credit score. Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind so that you can make an informed decision. 


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