June 21 2023

7 Best Live-Service Games Of All Time


When it comes to live-service games, many offer unbelievable value, allowing players to revel in enjoyable experiences over and over again. Contrastingly, some titles provide the ‘one-hit-wonder’ experience – almost like reading an amazing book and then setting it aside afterward. With give-and-take scenarios for all types of players, each play session is guaranteed to be varied, no matter the game is chosen.

The gaming industry can be unpredictable, but a select few titles demonstrate exceptional resilience. Live-service games that successfully remain relevant over time can not only meet but surpass their creators’ expectations. Due to these reasons, we’ve compiled a list of seven stand-out live-service games that have won the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Live Baccarat

Many dealer studios provide live dealer baccarat versions of some of the world’s most popular card games. These can include Dragon Tiger, Punto Banco, Squeeze Baccarat, Chemin De Fer, and Mini Baccarat, among others. The key advantage of these live dealer options is that they are conveniently available online from anywhere at any time.

More so, the basis of the game is simple: participants put their bet on whether the ” player” or the ” banker” hand will have the greatest value when it adds up to nine. For this main reason, there are several versions of this game, yet what draws players in is its unpredictability. This keeps it popular with a wide audience.

League of Legends

Riot Games’ League of Legends is a classic MOBA title that has maintained a steady foothold in the gaming landscape since its 2009 release. With over 118 million regular players, as reported by Statista, it is, without doubt, one of the most popular gaming experiences around. Its undisputed status as a must-play title stands testament to its enduring appeal.

League of Legends now uses a freemium model, allowing players the chance to customize their characters with additional purchases. This team-based game pits five players against each other while they face the task of defending their own Nexus and destroying the opposing one – a total of 140 champions are available for use in battle.

Rocket League

The release of Rocket League in 2015 shocked the world of gaming as it instantly became a massive hit. This title broke the conventional mold of a live-service game and instead allowed gamers to participate in amazing 4v4 soccer matches with turbocharged cars providing an unparalleled experience.

With that being said, Psyonix and Epic Games have harnessed the limitless potential of Rocket League, introducing an ever-evolving content offering and regular maintenance to continuously keep players engaged. From vehicle packs, cross-platform compatibility, all the way to the revolutionary battle pass system – Rocket League has kept on growing with time.

Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has come a long way since its somewhat disappointing launch in 2018. In response to fans’ requests, Rare has added immense new content and bolstered the game with a raft of dynamic events and regular seasonal updates. This swashbuckling adventure now promises an unforgettable multiplayer experience full of pirate thrills. So, you can become part of a unique experience as you dive into the depths of this captivating, pirate-themed simulator.

Path Of Exile

Path of Exile’s launch was met with doubt back in 2013, but it has now become a beloved game amongst its fans and has been deemed the ultimate Diablo killer. Players can set out on an exciting array of dungeon runs striving to acquire great treasures and reach unprecedented heights. Despite being pitted against Diablo, this title offers more fascinating features and exciting seasonal events that make it a notch above the rest.

This game stands out among the competition for its generate-to-play structure, enabling users to access all of its content free of charge and without any demands to pay for additional features.

Grand Theft Auto Online

No stranger to multiplayer experiences, Grand Theft Auto Online began as an expansion to GTA 5. Rockstar Games continues to provide updates to the game, including heists, vehicles, and businesses, thereby providing old-time players with new challenges. Staying true to its roots, Grand Theft Auto Online has never ceased to capture fans all around the world.

Los Santos, a world of painstaking craftsmanship, invites up to thirty gamers to wander the endlessly explorable kingdom, take on missions and partake in absorbing multiplayer races and sieges. GTA Online has something for every thrill-seeking gamer.


Lastly, CS:GO, a first-person shooter, is quickly becoming a top choice among players seeking an intense and storied gaming experience. The phenomenon began over two decades ago as an offshoot of the Half-Life series, and has since become one of the most beloved titles in esports.

Two sides, each made of five participants, compete against one another in this game. The CTs must thwart the enemy’s attempt to detonate a bomb, whereas the terrorists’ main goal is to detonate said device. Those who succeed in either of these endeavors will gain ultimate victory.

Honorable Mentions

All the gaming options mentioned above are excellent and worth trying, particularly if you haven’t experienced any of them before. However, here is a selection of several more outstanding titles for you to explore

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Genshin Impact
  • Overwatch
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Apex Legends

All of them are certainly worth playing, whether it’s a matter of enjoying them in real-time online or directly from your console. Through extensive development and dedication from their creators, these options can be counted on to provide remunerative experiences that conform to the desires of their users.


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