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Casino in your Pocket: What’s Next for Mobile Gambling?


The online gambling sector generated a revenue of more than $200 billion USD in 2020, and mobile gaming contributed a significant percentage of that figure. With the advent of apps, it’s never been easier to log on to a preferred casino platform with just a few taps.

Accessibility is an obvious key to mobile growth, but the games available clearly have to match those that can be found on a traditional desktop or laptop computers. So how has the mobile sector developed to compete with its static alternative and what does the future hold for gaming on the go?

Room for Improvement

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While the online casino industry is enjoying a boom period, operators are unlikely to be complacent. This is a crowded sector with hundreds of different casino platforms available and new companies are getting involved on a regular basis.

With so much competition, players can be certain that their operator is looking for ways in which to get ahead of the chasing pack. Virtual Reality is expected to have a big say in the future of the entire gaming industry, and casinos will enjoy their share of the market.

VR may have more of an impact on desktop than mobile in the initial stages, but there will be room for both options moving forward. Artificial Intelligence will also improve in the years that follow with bespoke gaming experiences tied into every player’s personal preferences.

The future looks bright but the current picture is already an impressive one for those involved.

A Player’s Choice

Every casino game imaginable is now accessible via an iPhone, Android, or tablet. For many, slots are the preferred option and there is certainly more choice here than with any competing card or table game.

Modern slots take their inspiration from the classic fruit machines that can be found in bars and physical casinos. Some of these are basic, like their land-based counterparts, while others are far more complex with bonus rounds and a host of different themes.

The choice of online games extends to the card tables, where poker is one of the most popular choices among players. Blackjack and baccarat are also given extensive coverage and each of those games is likely to have a number of variations on the classic rules.

Of the remaining classic casino games, roulette takes center stage. All three main versions – European, American, and French should be here and, once again, there will be alternative titles with subtle twists on regular gameplay.

Thinking out of the box

With no limitations on floor space, online casino platforms can provide a much wider range of games. The classics are all here, while also providing options that are less conventional. A selection of dice games is likely to be made available, while other titles will be based on current popular TV game shows.

Whether their customers prefer card games, roulette, slots, or something a little different, there are hundreds of online casino games to choose from.

Adopt and Adapt

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Taking the online casino from a large screen desktop to a relatively tiny mobile phone would have undoubtedly provided a challenge to the developers. A large screen is desirable for many gamers, but the fast-paced nature of casino play can be more easily transferred to mobile.

Slots are a perfect example: They fit a small screen perfectly and it’s simple for players to follow the action. The same principle applies to roulette and most poker games. When it comes to playing at the live casino area, some players may prefer the bigger screens but, in the main, mobile devices can comfortably handle the surface areas required by casino games.

Mobiles really score over the competition in terms of freedom and flexibility. It’s not practical to take out a desktop while you’re on the train, and a laptop isn’t ideal in these situations. A silent mobile phone, however, can allow you to play games wherever you happen to be.

The development of mobile apps has also allowed this area of casino play to grab a greater share of the overall casino gaming market. All operators should have their own dedicated mobile website, but it’s far simpler to load up the platform via an app.

Healthy Competition

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Casino players all over the world have that choice between mobile play and traditional, static gaming. The bigger screens of laptops and desktops can still serve a purpose and many still prefer to log on to their site using one of these methods.

It could certainly be argued that desktop gaming is more suitable for live casinos, which are aiming to emulate the experience of a bricks-and-mortar establishment. In the future, static gaming in the comfort of your own home could also provide a better backdrop for any developments involving virtual reality.

However, for overall convenience, there is nothing that can beat mobile play, especially that which is carried out via an app. Just grab your phone, sign in, tap on the app and the entire casino platform will open out.

Speed and convenience are something that a desktop or even a laptop just cannot match. There will always be space for both options to co-exist and every player will retain their individual preference but based on those factors, it’s easy to see why mobile gaming is grabbing an increasing share of the gambling market.


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