March 1 2024

How to Build a Gaming PC in 5 Easy Steps


Today, gaming has grown into much more than a hobby or a distraction that many parents are disturbed about. For some people, it is a part of their lives, as it is possible to create a separate digital identity and live through fictional experiences that are unavailable to humans. The gaming world grows bigger every year, along with the technologies that support it. 

Developers make new ways to engage with the narrative, and creatives come up with new stories that gamers can be a part of. To enjoy cutting-edge gaming technology, you need to assemble your gear the right way. It may require some research and investment, but the final result will be gaming hardware allowing you to enjoy your favorite activity. 

Why it is worth investing in your gaming PC

Video games lost the stigma of a time-waster at least ten years ago. At the beginning of the 21 century, there was a lot of public discussion on the possible harm that video games cause to one’s cognitive capacity and behavior as a whole. However, those fears have been debunked, as games proved to have a more positive impact on one’s life than the stereotypes about this activity suggested. 

With enough interest and time investment, gaming even becomes one’s career. The world knows many festivals and championships of different scales that showcase the skills of games from all over the world. This career is different from what we usually think about life path, but it gives people chances for success and fame just as much as other sports or education. In fact, if a person realizes their aspiration for a career in cybersport while studying anything else, they can request professional paper help writing their homework to focus on their goals. The one thing they will need for sure is a gaming PC that will run all the software for a smooth experience of the digital adventure.

How to assemble a gaming PC

Just as any other sports career, gaming is mostly an activity for a young age. Therefore, the earlier one sees their goals, the more chances they have for a successful career. But even if it is just a hobby, it is worth giving it the effort of assembling decent gear.

#1 GPU, a graphic card

Nearly any gamer will say that a graphics processing unit is one of the crucial things in a powerful gaming PC. Visual effects in modern computer graphics get closer to realism every year. So, without a quality GPU, a gamer will not be able to install or run some of the recent games or updates for them. Plus, a well-picked GPU will ensure the best visual experience of the game.

#2 CPU, the processor

Not among gaming devices only, a central processing unit is what the computer needs to work properly. The function of the CPU is to route instructions between the systems of your computer. While playing video games, the computer needs to send instructions between the systems as fast as possible. Ideally, the CPU must work as fast as your reaction in the game experience. The more powerful CPU you go for, the smoother your gaming will be.

#3 Motherboard

It is a part of your computer that hubs all its hardware. While looking for the right motherload for your gaming needs, make sure that all the parts you have are compatible. With every part picked right, the motherload of your gaming PC will unite the parts in a seamless work. Modern motherloads can also perform the function of graphic cards and even route WiFi. However, these are extra features that are not crucial to this part of a PC specifically. 

#4 RAM, the instant memory

It is also essential for a gaming PC to have enough random access memory or RAM. It determines how quickly the user can access the information you need right away. Compared to a person’s short-term memory, RAM ensures one accesses some data without loading it and waiting. To enjoy gaming without lags, make sure your gaming computer has enough RAM to process games instantly.

#5 SSD/HDD, or computer storage

It is another type of memory that a gaming computer must-have. The storage drive may be either built-in or portable, and they are needed to store the files that are not in use at the moment. The main requirement for the computer storage is to have enough space to install the game, while the rest of the hardware mentioned above is responsible for running it. 

#6 Power supply

Finally, you need a stable power supply to play video games without interruptions. In fact, it is just the gear that connects the computer to the outlet. However, watching the electricity systems for overload is important, as it may cut down the fun in the middle of a game if the connection collapses. 

Where to look for the best parts

As mentioned before, knowing what parts you need is only step one. Next, a gamer will have to choose the right ones among all the diversity of hardware sold today. So, to deepen your research, here are the sources of information to look for.

  • Check industry-specific bloggers and their unboxings or reviews for the gear. 
  • Visit forums with the questions answered. Probably, many aspiring games had the same questions as you while assembling their PC. 
  • If you are interested in a specific piece of hardware, read the product reviews in the store before buying it. If there are any concerns, its users have probably mentioned that in the comments already.
  • Ask your gamer friends for suggestions if you have ones. 
  • Check the compatibility of the parts you are about to purchase. 

While building your gamer PC, you will see that it needs time, energy, and financial investments. However, the more responsibly you approach the research part, the more efficient the result will be. Finally, when you run the long-awaited game of the hand-assembled gear, you will find that all the effort was not in vain.


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