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How to Start an Online Business on Instagram for Beginners


Instagram has a very large audience which is not only potential viewers but also a customer. Instagram is one of the world’s top 10 most-visited websites globally, with 2.9 billion total visits per month. It is the favorite platform for Gen Z, and the age group of 18 to 34 makes the biggest audience, and this is also the audience that makes online purchases and spends money on buying products and services online.

Therefore, ignoring this vast and diverse set of potential customers could be lethal for businesses in today’s day and age.

Now let me give you some of the statistics related to business on Instagram-

  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business.
  • 1 in 2 people have discovered new brands on Instagram
  • 44% of users use Instagram to shop weekly
  • Instagram’s advertising reach was more than Facebook’s last year

What does it all indicate? It indicates the importance of Instagram for businesses nowadays.

In this article, I will provide you with a basic outline of how you can start your online business on Instagram.

Set up Instagram business account

  1. In Setting, Go to Accounts and Switch to Professional Account.
  2. Pick your business category or the one which closely relates to it and select Business.
  3. You have your business account ready! Complete your profile and follow the process.

Finalize your products and list them

Once you have created your business account, start to niche down and finalize specific products that you will sell. Once you have done that, create a plan as to how you will be launching your products.

Make a google doc or portfolio presentation where you list your products, make a description for them, Write the product cycle and marketing strategy for your products and also write a basic sales pitch for them.

You will make a lot of changes and additions on the way, but having a rough draft is always recommended.

Logistics and storage

The third step is to handle logistics. From where will you source products. Will you do packaging and delivery yourself, or will you hire a team to handle different operations? If it is a small business, then you can handle it alone in the initial months, so there’s no need to hire anyone. Instead, you should invest in marketing. Talk to manufacturers and wholesalers and strike the best deal possible. If you are creating your own product, then there will be other challenges as well, which we will not go into in this article.

Create content that is related to your product

This is a very important part of an Instagram business. Create content that is related to your brand and makes people aware of it. There are 3 steps in the content creation process. First, you create reels, stories, posts, etc., to create awareness of your brand and try to reach as much audience as possible. In this phase, don’t sell anything. Just create content for people so that they come to your profile and want to follow it.

The second phase starts when you have enough audience who is interested in what you have to sell. At this point, create content for your products. What is the use of the product, Why is it needed, and How to use it? Basically, a guide to your products is the next phase.

It is in the third phase that you actually start selling the product. It is in this phase that you create content in a way that compels the audience to buy them.


Use Facebook ads to increase the reach of your posts to an even larger audience. If you are tight on budget, you can spend the minimal packages on advertisements and marketing. But if you have the budget, then I recommend you to invest heavily in the advertisements initially till you have at least 5k to 10k instagram followers. After that, you can even rely on organic tactics.

So this was a small guide on How to start your online business on Instagram in 2022. Apart from this, You should always do the market and demographic research to always keep updated. Follow trends and keep analyzing your content and sales performance and make strategies accordingly.

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