September 20 2022

Online Bingo, App Bingo, And Traditional Bingo: The Differences


The bingo game has continuously been bringing thrills to those who have been playing this for a long time, and among those players who want to get themselves into the game, bingo is proving to be an attractive leisurely activity. Bingo is a type of game wherein players mark off numbers on cards as these numbers are randomly drawn by a caller, with the winner being the first person to mark off five numbers within a row or another required pattern.

The changing of the times has never forgotten to touch on the game of bingo. Gone are the days and that time when the only choice and option for players and bingo enthusiasts to play the game was the traditional or land-based bingo. Today, bingo games can also be played over the Internet or with the use of an app. There are several platforms online that host these games, such as the amazing bingo games at 888ladies.

To further add to your excitement when playing bingo, we are going to take a look at insights about this game. In this article and discussion, we will study the major differences between online bingo, app bingo, and traditional bingo. Are you ready?

Online Bingo

Basically speaking, online bingo is a form of bingo game played over the Internet. You will never need to travel to the establishment that hosts the bingo game, as long as you are connected to the World Wide Web or the Internet, you are good to go. But how does online bingo work, and what are the perks when you choose to play this way?

Let us begin with the basics. The first thing interested players should know when they want to play online bingo is to buy their bingo tickets. Usually, online bingo platforms will require players to set up their accounts with their aliases or nicknames to easily track their progress in the game, set payments, and a lot more. Before the game starts, you can get these tickets, and you can then begin playing.

Once the online bingo ticket is with you, you will have to wait and watch for the first bingo number. In traditional bingo, this is done by crossing out the number with a marker, but the number is crossed out electronically with Internet bingo.

So, if the call-out bingo number is on your ticket, you cross it out online. Many online playing platforms have this in such a way that the numbers are called with the player’s nickname, so it will be straightforward to follow. The numbers will be popping out until a full house, or more lines are found. If all the bingo numbers on your tickets have been called out, it is a full house.

Nowadays, many bingo players are choosing to play the game online. Are you joining the bandwagon? Here are the top reasons you must make the switch if you are still traditionally playing bingo.

First, online bingo platforms offer a wide array of games. You can explore several games without limitations.

Second, cash withdrawals and deposits are safer with online bingo. This is great news for those who feel uncomfortable carrying cash. There are online channels that can facilitate payments.

Third, online bingo is a wonderful way to spend leisure. It helps relax your mind and your body.

Fourth, you can access essential information that is not readily available when you choose to play traditionally. This information includes tips and strategies on how you can win bigger when playing bingo.

Fifth, it is more comfortable to play online bingo, and there is more privacy, so you can prevent intimidations and confrontations that usually happen in traditional bingo.

Lastly, you can play the game anytime and anywhere. Provided you have a device and a strong Internet connection, you can jump into the game in no time.

What about app bingo games?

App Bingo

Playing bingo on an app is primarily similar to playing land-based bingo games, only that you use the app instead of traveling to the establishments that have these games. Apps have also been able to reach out to the world of bingo. Here, you will learn how app bingo games work.

Prior to looking for bingo apps where you can win real money, it is ever vital that you understand how bingo platforms work, such as those in apps. This makes it a lot easier and simpler to understand the earning opportunities.

Generally, app bingo games work similarly to traditional and online bingos. There is your full house where all squares on your bingo scorecard have been marked. There is your two lines where two lines have been marked on your bingo ticket. These can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Then, you also have the one line in app-based bingo games. A line of squares has been marked outside your bingo ticket in this pattern. Finally, you got the pattern where a defined pattern of squares has been marked outside your bingo ticket.

Among the most popular bingo apps today include Absolute Bingo, My Vegas Bingo, Wink Bingo, Bingo Blitz, Tombola, and so much more.

Lastly, we take a look at the pioneer when it comes to bingo games, that is, traditional bingo.×683.jpg

Traditional Bingo

Unlike online bingo that is played using a device connected to the Internet, or app bingo that uses an app, obviously, traditional bingo is played in person, usually in a spacious hall. Players meet at the hall, at times paying a fee to get in, and the games will begin. A bingo night typically consists of several bingo games continuously played, one after the other.

Single bingo games proceed like this. Each player is given a number of bingo cards. Each bingo card has five rows and five columns, totaling 25 spaces.

The columns are labeled from the left to the right portion with the letters “B,” “I,” “N,” “G,” and “O,” with the center space having a “free” label. The spaces in the bingo card are assigned values as follow: 1 to 15 for the “B” column, 16 to 30 for the “I” column, 31 to 45 for the “N” column, 46 to 60 for the “G” column, and 61 to 75 for the “O” column.

Moreover, note that a bingo number can only appear once on a single card.

This is also the same pattern that Internet and app bingo games generally follow.

Each bingo game has a winning card, so the player’s chances of winning will depend on the number of cards in the bingo game and how many cards they are playing. For example, if a player holds 12 cards in a bingo game with 1,200 cards, the chances of winning for this player is one in 100.

Now here is the takeaway. Every player has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to how they want to play bingo. All of the ways to play you have learned above generally have the same mechanics. They only differ on whether it is played in person, using an app, or over the Internet.

With these learnings on the differences between online bingo, app bingo, and traditional bingo, you can be able to spot the bingo game that suits your needs the best. Happy gaming.


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