May 25 2023

Perfect CV in 5 Min: Best Free Resume Builder Reddit Review


Is it possible to get a dream job without a well-written resume? Probably not.

Preparing a resume for new job vacancies can be challenging. A resume is required for applying for a job, but writing one without a handy resume builder or professional help is difficult.

Creating an impressive CV is the first step towards landing a job. In the job market, thousands of individuals apply for every single post. So, you should know how to stand out among them.

Hiring managers receive lots of applications daily, so they scan them through applicant tracking software. ATS bots are used to help recruit managers filter the best candidates. The applicant tracking system processes all job applications, and only relevant and optimized resumes reach hiring managers.

More than 75 percent of resumes never get to employers as they are lost in the applicant tracking process. That’s why crafting a winning ATS bot-friendly resume is a must.

In this review, we will go through the resume-building process with Skillhub step by step. Let’s dive in!

Creating the Perfect Resume in 5 Minutes

Writing the best resume that includes all of the relevant experience and accomplishments while beating the ATS system is not easy. But with, resume building gets significantly more manageable.

While applying for the job, the resume is representative of the employee holding the secret of a successful professional career. With the help of the resume-building service, I have followed the steps below to create an application that makes an excellent first impression on an employer.

Inserting the Details in Reverse Chronological Order

In the job application, an individual should include all relevant experience and accomplishments, preferably in reverse chronological order. Hiring managers would definitely accept such applications as it echoes a professional attitude.

At the same time, scanning the job applications will be a lot easier for applicant tracking systems. Thus, Skillhub helped me focus on the latest work experience and achievements and give my resume a fresh look. After all, recruiters often don’t have the time to read through all your work history, so you need to set the right priorities.

Mentioning the Target Job More Than Once

My resume builder followed a crucial rule: the target keyword for which the resume is being built should be mentioned more than once. Here, the keyword stands for the particular job role or experience.

Many job seekers make the mistake of mentioning irrelevant data that is of no use to current employers. As a result, the scanning software rejects such applications.

Remember to write the target keyword two or three times. The job advertisement will also include the keyword. Apart from keywords, narrate the relevant experience or any high school diploma as well to get the attention of bots.

A perfectly built CV is very much like writing a specific cover letter. It addresses a job’s requirement, in particular, mentioning the relevant accomplishment and future goals. The more specific the resume is, the easier it is to beat the ATS bots.

Making the Resume Readable

The resume should be easily skimmable as recruiting firms have to go through a lot of job applications. Luckily, Skillhub has answered all my questions on how to highlight the important details and work experiences while making the document easy to read.

Mentioning accomplishments and experience in bullet points is a good idea. Having a clear resume increases the chances of landing an interview, so be specific. This is convenient for both human recruiters and applicant tracking systems.

Working on the Summary

Resume summaries play a crucial role in job applications. It’s like an overall analysis of the information present in the resume.

And this is where my resume builder did a really good job by presenting the key skills, education, experience, and future career goals in several sentences. It’s a perfect opportunity to stand out and capture the recruiter’s attention.

Having a Clear Design

A resume should serve the purpose for which it is made. It should tell the recruiter that the job applicant is the right match. But using fancy designs and complicated formatting will suppress the real purpose of applying.

The more minimalist the resume’s layout is, the easier it is to grab the keywords from the application. My resume’s design was simple and professionally-looking, just as expected.

Editing the Resume

A well-crafted resume usually goes through a lot of editing. Many times, mistakes get ignored and are only detectable when looked at from a fresh perspective.

The even better option is to have someone else edit it. This way, you will not risk your chances of landing a job. For that matter, my resume was flawless: I couldn’t find any inconsistencies or grammatical errors. Looks like Skillhub professionals know what they’re doing and take the job seriously.

These were all critical steps to craft a winning resume that is ATS-friendly too. I didn’t regret using the resume builder because I was very pleased with the result. The service is a great opportunity to invest in your career. Indeed, professional help at the beginning of the job search means more chances of career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a plain-looking resume better for beating ATS bots?

Yes, especially for online job applications, which are made to go through applicant tracking software. So, there is no reason to prefer a fancy resume over the simplest one. Instead, a simple and straightforward resume will increase the chances of getting hired.

What mistakes should be avoided to make the resume the best?

While crafting a resume, be specific because using the same resume for every job opportunity is not wise. Similarly, don’t forget to include keywords from the job description to stand out among the rest of the applicants and beat bots. Lastly, proofread to look for mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Why is it important to repeat the keyword in the resume?

Repeating the target keywords is significant in the job application because it optimizes the resume for the ATS system. In addition, it emphasizes the applicant’s suitability for the posted position.


To conclude, creating a perfect CV with Skillhub is easy. Simply insert the necessary details about your experience, education, and future goals.

Making a resume for the first time can be a real head spinner. But the best resume builder can help create a great job application and further improve the chances of landing the dream job and interview. Just keep in mind the perfect CV is the one that gets past the scanning software and impresses the recruiter in one go.


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